Knowledge Base Software

Centralize knowledge base management

The integrated Lansweeper Knowledge Base offers a centralized repository for important information. Build rich knowledge base articles on your environment and present searchable self-service options to streamline internal and external processes. Document fixes, changes, known issues, workarounds and anything else to optimize your service desk team's performance. Create configurable topics and organize your articles accordingly.

Knowledge base management


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Answer questions before they're asked

A well-organized knowledge source presents easily accessible information, decreasing the amount of staff-time spent trying to find information on company policies, procedures, guides and common technical issues. Offer answers and share know-how, reducing support requests and increasing agent productivity.

Categorized knowledge base articles

Grant & restrict access to content & documentation

Not all knowledge is meant for everyone. Efficient management means making the right content accessible to the right people. Flexible permission settings allow customizable user roles. Grant and restrict access to specific categories and teams, resulting in different experiences for different groups of users.

Knowledge base configuration

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