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Why IT Asset Management is Crucial for Education Organizations

“Healthcare organizations typically have complex and sprawling IT estates, often including legacy software and systems, which can make keeping track of the security and compliance of all assets a challenge.”
Andy Sheret IT Health
Andy Sheret
Head of Business Development at ITHealth

“Lansweeper provides complete end-to-end visibility across the IT network, driving consistency across our sites and enabling us to understand and report on the health of a hospital’s infrastructure with accuracy, regardless of where the service is being provided.”

Phil Blankenstein Cerner
Phil Blankenstein
IT Manager, Cerner Corporation

Medical professionals in healthcare environments rely on – and benefit from – networked medical devices that help them access and share patient information rapidly to reduce the time it takes to make life-saving decisions and deliver essential care.

But when those devices are running outdated software, they can become vulnerable to cybersecurity risks. Ransomware attacks, malware, and hackers can exploit medical device vulnerabilities. The first step toward ensuring all networked medical devices are protected is knowing what devices exist on the network and what software they’re running.

Lansweeper automatically scans the entire Healthcare IT environment, creating an accurate software and hardware asset inventory and providing full visibility across the entire IT estate.

  • Research confirms that 83% of medical imaging devices are running outdated operating systems & Almost 41% of malware attacks exploit medical device vulnerabilities.

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