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Lansweeper for System Administrators

Get more done in less time

  • Automate IT asset discovery and management
    Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Build and maintain a complete, always-accurate IT asset inventory – automatically.
  • Save time and slash costs
    Uncover vulnerabilities and fix issues fast, and roll out patches and upgrades effortlessly.
  • Get control of your IT infrastructure
    Discover all IT, OT and IoT in minutes for complete visibility across the distributed infrastructure


IT optimization and uptime are up to you

Ensuring the business has access to the technology and software it needs at all times is your main goal. Meeting SLAs for availability and uptime is critical. To that end, you need complete visibility across the expanding IT infrastructure, so when something goes wrong, you can quickly identify the root cause and apply the fix. Rolling out updates and making improvements must be fast and seamless, as well. As digital transformation takes hold and the hybrid workplace becomes the new normal, you can add tremendous business value when you have the right tools and capabilities to manage the IT infrastructure effectively.

Have full control with reports & event logs

Looking for quick insights? Customize the view of your Lansweeper inventory to make sure the most relevant information is always front and center. If you want to really dig into your IT asset data, use detailed pre-made and custom reports to gain true insight in to your IT environment. Bring up the data you need in a matter of seconds, from warranty information, to patch status, to vulnerability exposure.

If you really want to know everything that is going on in your network, add your event logs to your network scanning. This way you can easily locate, troubleshoot, and resolve IT issues and vulnerabilities. Set up email notifications to have log alerts sent straight to your inbox.

Manual tasks and legacy tools stand in the way

The proliferation of devices combined with the hybrid nature of today’s workplace requires you to track and maintain an ever-increasing array of devices and software. Meanwhile, the pressure to meet SLAs for uptime and availability is more intense than ever. You must be able to proactively safeguard the business from risk and downtime, and respond rapidly when there’s an issue – but manual tasks and legacy infrastructure are slowing you down. If you’re focused on just ‘keeping the lights on,’ how can you be proactive and fully in control of the IT infrastructure?

How Lansweeper Helps System Administrators

Lansweeper simplifies IT Asset Management, enhances security, ensures compliance, and ultimately improves the efficiency of IT operations.

I log into the tool and I can see all the machines, what resides on those machines, how they’re configured, whether they have any outdated software installed and who’s logged into them. To obtain all of those individual pieces of data would have taken hours for us to gather manually, and I can get it in seconds by just logging into Lansweeper.

Kristopher Russo
Information Security Analyst Architect

See Everything in Minutes – Automatically

With Lansweeper, you can create and maintain a complete and accurate IT asset inventory in minutes, for full visibility across your growing and distributed IT estate. Eliminate blind spots and create a single source of truth with granular data about all of your hardware and software. So-long to spreadsheets and error-prone manual tasks. With Lansweeper data at your fingertips, you can uncover vulnerabilities, pinpoint and diagnose issues, and roll out patches and upgrades with ease.

The moment we get a call concerning a malfunctioning device, the first thing we do is comb the Lansweeper event logs to look for a possible cause.

Massimo Heynderick
Network Administrator at Brothers of Charity

Boost Cybersecurity to Reduce Risk

Lansweeper provides critical insight into your IT infrastructure to help you safeguard the business from cyber attacks. Instantly detect rogue devices -even if they only connect to the network briefly- and ensure remote workers don’t open the door to an attack through an unauthorized or unprotected device. Run Patch Tuesday audits and vulnerability reports to illuminate potential vulnerabilities, and prioritize your work to address the highest-risk issues first.


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