IT Asset Inventory

Hardware Asset Inventory

Build a comprehensive hardware inventory from scratch. Lansweeper automatically collects data about assets and their hardware components.

Software Asset Inventory

Automatically scan software on Windows, Linux and Mac devices, and get a complete software inventory and license audit of your IT environment.

User Inventory

Manage a complete inventory of users in your IT estate. Get a complete overview of local users, AD users, and assets they are related to.

The Need for a Centralized IT Inventory​

One of the most time-consuming tasks for any IT pro is keeping track of all IT assets, where they reside and who is using them. It’s time to stop relying on error-prone spreadsheets. Trusting manually gathered and updated data only results in obsolete information. Lansweeper offers you a complete and accurate overview of what is going on in your network, automating your network inventory completely.

Build an Accurate IT Network Inventory​

Lansweeper’s multiple scanning methods give you complete control and enable you to scan what you want, when and how you want. Create a complete and up-to-date network inventory thanks with Lansweeper’s Agentless Network Discovery. Scan Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. Find and organize printers, routers and switches and track assets not yet deployed or disconnected from your network. Discover SNMP-enabled devices on your network to create a detailed IT network inventory.

Scan Off-Site Workstations

With networks becoming increasingly mobile and complicated, certain assets become harder to reach. Think for example of laptops out on the road, devices at remote locations or machines in protected zones (DMZs). LsAgent is a small, lightweight application that gathers data locally from Windows, Mac & Linux devices and sends it back to your Lansweeper installation. It’s Lansweeper’s answer to increased network mobility and complexity and keep an overview over your network inventory.

Keep Track of Your IT Stock

Track assets not yet deployed in your network or assets which have been disconnected from the network due to replacement or repairs. Manually importing assets gives you a complete overview of all IT inventory in your business. Once new equipment has been connected to the network and scanned by Lansweeper, the additional information from the scan is automatically added to your network inventory.

Discover Network Devices

Lansweeper discovers, scans and organizes network devices such as printersrouters, and switchesScanned devices are automatically sorted into categories based on their device type. Locating devices and checking configuration is extremely easy. Sort devices by IP or find a specific one through a filtered search in the web console.

Cloud Asset Discovery

As more and more IT infrastructure is moving to cloud services such as AWS and Azure, a hybrid network environment of virtual and physical machines is very common in IT. Lansweeper hooks directly into cloud infrastructure providers' APIs to give you immediate visibility into your cloud environment in no time.

Mobile Device Inventory

Lansweeper hooks directly into Microsoft Intune's API to give you immediate visibility into your mobile environment in no time. Regardless of the operating system: both AndroidiOS and Windows Phone devices are supported.

Virtual Environments

Easily navigate between management servers, hosts and guest devices as they're automatically linked by Lansweeper, ensuring a complete overview of your virtual environments. Get a comprehensive and dynamically-updated network inventory - regardless of platform or location, physical or virtual.

Platform Overview

Effortlessly Manage Your Technology Assets

We build our platform with IT Professionals in mind to give you granular visibility across your IT, OT, and IoT estate.


Connect to Other Systems

The Lansweeper Platform connects right into your existing technology stack so you can fuel every IT scenario with up-to-date, accurate data. Leverage data and insights where needed most: auto-populate your CMDB, improve your IT Service Management, enrich security incident alerts, strengthen your Attack Surface Management, and so on. No matter what the IT scenario, the data is there, it's accurate, and it's ready to use.

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