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Service Graph Connector

Lansweeper Service Graph connector leverages the ServiceNow Service Graph framework allowing our customers to integrate their Asset Discovery Platform with their ServiceNow platform, to quickly, easily, and reliably load data from Lansweeper ADP into ServiceNow CMDB to realize better IT management outcomes.

CI Synchronizer

CI Synchronizer is a turnkey ServiceNow application that automatically synchronizes your IT assets from Lansweeper (on-premise edition) into your ServiceNow CMDB.

This integration synchronizes Lansweeper discovered asset data into the ServiceNow CMDB creating and maintaining a rich set of CMDB Configuration Item classes and relationships.


Splunk App for Lansweeper to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and non-compliance issues in your IT Asset inventory, before they become a problem.

The app capitalizes on Lansweeper Asset Discovery's ability to scan any modern IT infrastructure using a wide range of network protocols to find and gather information on a business' IT device fleet.



Integrate Lansweeper with Halo ITSM based on a scheduled task. This allows a constant sync of the Lansweeper data, pushed straight into the asset management section of your HaloITSM platform. Track CI's, visualise dependencies, raise tickets and identify systemic failings with assets before they cause major incidents.


The 4me Lansweeper Connector makes it easy for organizations to extract their asset information from Lansweeper and securely import them as configurations items (CIs) into their 4me CMBD. It allows support specialists to jump from a 4me CI record straight into the corresponding Lansweeper asset record with a single mouse-click.


There is a better way to manage IT inventory and involves using a visual map to track everything! Lansweeper users can integrate their account with CyberStockroom so that their IT Assets will be automatically detected, imported and synchronised with CyberStockroom so that you can track and organise them on your Inventory map!

Cloud Migration

SurPaas Datalink

Lansweeper customers can now use, SurPaaS® DataLink™ to collect the necessary data and perform a comprehensive feasibility assessment and planning for Cloud migration. SurPaaS® MaaS™ allows you to smoothly integrate Lansweeper data and perform rapid Cloud readiness assessment of your data center within a few hours

License Dashboard Company Logo

License Manager

License Dashboard combines SAM and licensing expertise with professional solutions designed to help both large and fast-growing organizations manage their IT expenditure by ensuring licensing compliance.

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