SenHub Integration

Integrate your IT assets’ metrics into your monitoring tool to track their evolution and be alerted to security problems in real-time.

Being immediately alerted to new vulnerabilities in your assets or expired antivirus versions is necessary. Lansweeper has the information, your monitoring tool alerts you, and SenHub is the link between the two.

Although we live in the world of APIs, it’s still a last-ditch effort to get applications to communicate with each other. SenHub is a technology developed by and for IT monitoring specialists whose daily concern is to collect metrics.

SenHub offers a range of reliable connectors that have been tried and tested by some of the world’s most significant cloud resource users.

Thanks to a connector developed in collaboration with the Lansweeper team, you can now collect all the metrics from your IT inventory: servers, PCs, software, and users. No change can escape you from your monitoring tool.

SenHub offers a unified API and native integrations with PRTG, Zabbix, Prometheus, and Nagios.

The SenHub connector for Lansweeper integrates with no development or code maintenance effort. It enables you to track the evolution of your IT assets over time.

SenHub Data Connector

An Introduction to SenHub


Key Integration Features

  • Retrieve your Lansweeper metrics in your favorite monitoring tool without writing a line of code.

  • In IT monitoring, the enemy is false positives. SenHub ensures the shortest possible data collection times and permanent data availability.

  • There is no compromise with your monitoring data. SenHub does not store them; our vault keeps your credentials safe and secure.


  • Lansweeper Starter, Pro or Enterprise License



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