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CyberStockroom Integration

There is a better way to manage IT inventory and involves using a visual map to track everything! Lansweeper users can integrate their account with CyberStockroom so that their IT Assets will be automatically detected, imported, and synchronized with CyberStockroom so that you can track and organize them on your Inventory map!


Key Integration Features

By connecting your Lansweeper account to CyberStockroom you will be able to take your IT management to the next level by tracking those assets as inventory across all your locations (Buildings, rooms, shelves, bins, vehicles, etc) on a visual map layout of your business. In addition you will be able to track all your non-IT items as well to give you a comprehensive and robust inventory tracking solution.


Setup Instructions

  1. Create a CyberStockroom Account
  2. Connect Lansweeper
  3. Select Lansweeper Sites
  4. Initial Synchronization

Using the Integration

  1. Next Steps & Video
  2. Automatic Synchronization
  3. Matching Custom Fields
  4. Matching Locations
  5. Linking back to Lansweeper
  6. Adding/Removing Sites


Integration Guide


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