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Why IT Asset Management is Crucial for Manufacturing Organizations

Manufacturing organizations must manage an expanding array of IT and OT assets, from Windows machines to mobile and handheld devices, 3D printers and robots, equipment controls, and more. As the technology estate grows, keeping track of all the equipment and software — and making sure it’s secure and up to date — is critical to maximizing uptime and reducing risk. The increased convergence of IT and OT technology leads to cost, performance, and productivity gains, but also introduces cybersecurity risk – it’s easier to use it to infiltrate the corporate network.

Lansweeper automatically scans entire networks in seconds — from the manufacturing floor to the back office — to create an always-accurate system of record. Data insights and detailed reporting help improve operational efficiency, save time and money on updates, and minimize the risk and impact of malware and vulnerabilities.

Learn more about Lansweeper OT for scanning and managing Operational Technology Assets.

“If a new vulnerability arises, in many cases Lansweeper has already created a report so we just need to copy-paste it and start evaluating our infrastructure.”

Karl-Heinz Brandstätter
IT System Administrator at Breitenfeld Edelstahl AG

“Lansweeper helps us reduce the time it takes to respond to incidents so we can contain them faster. Risk is reduced because we are faster and more effective at resolving issues – and that’s invaluable.”

Kristopher Russo
Information Security Analyst Architect at Herman Miller

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