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IT Asset Data ServiceDesk Excellence
Use Case – Lansweeper for Service Desk Excellence

Access Complete & Accurate IT Asset Data for Service Desk Excellence

  • Create alignment to support ITIL Processes: Build a common view of the services IT delivers and how the infrastructure supports them.
  • Make faster, more informed decisions: Understand the potential impact of infrastructure and configuration changes prior to executing them.
  • Ensure compliance: Identify non-compliance issues and easily compare current assets and CIs to gold standards.

ITAM Manual-Updates-Are-Time-Consuming-and-Error-Prone

Automate IT Asset Discovery and Tracking

Your IT asset inventory and configurations are constantly changing, yet running an efficient service desk requires access to the most up-to-date IT asset data at all times. Manual tracking and auditing is time-consuming and costly, and impacts your ability to service customers efficiently. Lansweeper automatically and continuously discovers IT assets across your infrastructure — servers, laptops, desktops, virtual machines, operating systems, software and other assets deployed on your network — ensuring you always have access to the most up-to-date IT asset and configuration data.

Accelerate Issue Resolution and Simplify Change Management
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Accelerate Issue Resolution and Simplify Change Management

When a user needs support, you have to act quickly. But your hands are tied without visibility into the most complete and accurate data about assets and configurations. By integrating Lansweeper with your IT Service Management (ITSM) solution, you gain full visibility into complete and accurate IT asset data to inform incident resolution, change management, and service management decisions.

Quickly assess the impact of potential changes to the infrastructure or configurations, eliminate finger-pointing and align resources to more rapidly and effectively resolve issues and service requests.

Make Informed Purchasing Decisions to Optimize IT Spending

Access to accurate IT asset data improves your ability to control inventory and make educated decisions about purchasing new hardware or software licenses. As a result, you have greater control over IT spending.

Lansweeper helps to reduce the cost of hardware, software, and support and minimize TCO by improving automation through asset mapping to users and services. You’ll know when hardware is sitting idle, up for maintenance, or needs to be replaced, when warranties are about to expire, and when outdated software may be to blame for reported issues.

Software Inventory & License Audit

Optimize Service Desk Processes and Drive Efficiency

IT teams suffer from poor agent utilization and high overhead without visibility into up-to-date IT asset data. They are unable to scale rapidly to meet spikes in service requests. Having complete and accurate IT asset data on hand enables service desk teams to optimize scheduling for service requests to maximize output, minimize service disruptions and restore services faster when they go down.

Manual IT inventory Spreadsheets - Difficult-to-Maintain

Tackle Digital Transformation Challenges with Confidence

The increasing complexity of today’s enterprise IT environments hinders digital transformation, especially when teams lack visibility into disparate systems and IT assets in siloes. A lack of real-time visibility makes it nearly impossible to make informed decisions, resulting in unnecessary costs, wasted resources, and an inability to adhere to ITIL best practices. By automating IT asset discovery, Lansweeper empowers teams to fulfill change requests with speed and confidence to support digital transformation initiatives.

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Make Service Management Proactive

As a first step, assess the current state of your service management. What tasks do your staff spend most of their time on? Are they consistently dealing with similar end-user problems? Automation and integration are the answer because they enable you to drive costs down and efficiencies up. If you can quickly identify and resolve issues, you’ll improve service delivery, meet SLAs and exceed customer expectations. With Lansweeper IT asset data in your Service Desk dashboard, you can facilitate immediate identification and diagnosis, and accelerate remediation.


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