What is IT Asset Discovery?

Why Do You Need IT Asset Discovery?

In our era of rapid digital expansion, keeping track of devices is downright impossible without accurate IT asset discovery. IT Asset discovery gives you a much-needed overview of all assets connected to your network and helps you manage them remotely. Also, IT asset discovery software automates a lot of manual work, which saves you valuable time. It improves your network's security significantly as it can be used to set up a continuous watch over your network to detect threats like rogue devices or to perform deep scans to find hidden vulnerabilities.

Why Lansweeper Leads in IT Asset Discovery

Lansweeper provides advanced IT asset discovery and recognition capabilities that leave no room for blind spots. Our software combines active and passive scanning features, agent-based and agentless, supported by powerful device recognition functionalities, to discover, scan, and centralize asset data instantly. Scannable assets include Windows, Linux, Mac devices, routers, printers, switches, ports, virtual computers, and mobile devices.

Inventory Your Network with Lansweeper's Agentless Asset Discovery

You can easily create a complete and up-to-date overview of your entire IT network with Lansweeper. Automatically scan Windows, Linux, and Mac devices across your network. Find and organize printers, routers, switches, and track assets not yet deployed or even disconnected from your network. You can also discover SNMP-enabled devices on your network. Creating and managing a complete inventory of your entire IT estate was never easier.

Instantly Detect Assets the Moment They Connect to Your Network

Lansweeper can detect assets the moment they connect to your network by using its Asset Radar feature. This not only guarantees the completeness of your inventory but also eliminates any possible blind spots it might have. Rogue devices are instantly discovered, no matter how fast the connection is. With our advanced Credential-free Device Recognition that can recognize and identify any asset, you have unmatched inventory accuracy across your entire IT estate -- IT, OT, and IoT.

Configure Lansweeper's IT Asset Discovery to Suit Your Needs

Configure your IT asset discovery to match your needs: scan your network by IP range, set critical servers to be scanned, or use active scanning and integrate Active Directory to continuously keep your inventory up to date. Combined with our reporting feature, you can further customize your IT asset discovery to get only the data you need at any given time. You can browse our built-in report library with over 500 different reports, or you can create custom reports. You can even share your discovery reports with others.

Platform Overview

Effortlessly Manage Your Technology Assets

We build our platform with IT Professionals in mind to give you granular visibility across your IT, OT, and IoT estate.

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