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IT Asset Discovery & Network Discovery
IT Asset Discovery

Discover every asset in your technology environment

Discover every IT, OT, IoT, and Public Cloud asset in your technology environment with industry-leading breadth and comprehensiveness. Uncover hidden assets and insights, enhance security, and streamline IT management.

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Automated Discovery

Automatically discover, recognize, and scan every asset

You can’t manage or protect assets you don’t know you have. Lansweeper automates the asset discovery process, eliminating the need for manual interventions and ensuring that your asset inventory is not just a historical record but a living, breathing reflection of your IT ecosystem. Scheduled scans ensure the IT landscape is constantly observed, providing insights into any changes or additions.

Data Breadth

Full-spectrum discovery capabilities

Comprehensive discovery capabilities extend across the entire technological spectrum, unveiling a detailed IT, OT, IoT, and Public Cloud inventory. From workstations – Windows, Linux, and Mac -, servers, virtual machines, printers, switches, routers, and cloud instances to network devices, Lansweeper leaves no corner untouched. Navigate and manage your technological ecosystem with unparalleled precision.

Data Depth

Beyond surface-level: granular asset insights

Beyond mere identification, Lansweeper provides granular insights into asset configurations, usage patterns, and interdependencies. Our data depth empowers informed decision-making, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing security measures. Dive beneath the surface to uncover actionable intelligence driving strategic IT initiatives and risk mitigation efforts.

Security and Vulnerability Insights
Risk Mitigation

Instantly detect IT assets the moment they connect to your network

Unmanaged assets breed risks, inefficiencies, and unexpected costs. Consider asset blind spots as a thing of the past, as Lansweeper automatically discovers unmanaged and rogue endpoints connected to your network and identifies them as assets.

Lansweeper Scanning Targets
Scanning Methods

Customize asset discovery for your unique requirements

Combine active and passive scanning features, agent-based and agentless, supported by powerful device recognition functionalities, to discover, scan, and centralize asset data instantly. Scan your network by IP range, set critical servers to be scanned, or integrate Active Directory.

Lifecycle Insights
External Discovery Connectors

Integrate external and MDM data sources

Import, synchronize, and reconcile data from inventory information systems like SCCM, Intune, Airwatch, G-Suite MDM, etc. Access lifecycle and warranty info to automatically track the support status of products in your environment, allowing you to see which assets will go end of life.

Lansweeper Platform Integrations Overview

Enrich any IT scenario at scale with accurate discovery data

The Lansweeper Platform connects right into your existing technology stack so you can fuel every IT scenario with up-to-date, accurate data. Leverage data and insights where needed most: auto-populate your CMDB, improve your IT Service Management, enrich security incident alerts, strengthen your Attack Surface Management, and so on. No matter what the IT scenario, the data is there, it’s accurate, and it’s ready to use.


Power-packed features for seamless asset discovery

Learn how the Lansweeper Platform offers a robust set of network discovery capabilities.

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    Site Branding

    Customize the look and feel of your Lansweeper site and make it feel like

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    Role-Based Access Controls

    Manage who can do what with granular permission sets and a flexible account management system.

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    Asset Scopes

    Control who can see which data throughout the entire application.

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    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    Secure access to your data with multi-factor authentication.

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    Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Integrate user authentication with your identity management system of choice.

  • What is IT Asset Discovery? +

    IT Asset Discovery is the process of automatically identifying and cataloging all devices and resources within an organization’s technology environment. The goal is to gain complete visibility into an organization’s IT environment – including its devices, applications, and installed software – allowing businesses to manage risks, improve efficiency, and reduce costs effectively.

  • How does automated asset discovery work? +

    Lansweeper automatically detects, recognizes, and scans every asset connected to the network. This process eliminates manual efforts, ensures real-time inventory updates, and mitigates the risk of overlooking devices, enhancing security and efficiency.

    Lansweeper offers flexible scanning methods, including active and passive scanning features, agent-based and agentless options, and powerful device recognition functionalities.

  • What types of assets can be discovered using Lansweeper? +

    Lansweeper offers comprehensive discovery capabilities across various technological domains, including IT, OT, IoT, and Public Cloud. It can detect a wide range of assets, such as workstations (Windows, Linux, Mac), servers, printers, switches, routers, cloud instances, virtual machines, PLCs, network devices, mobile devices, and other technology-related items.

  • How does asset discovery help in mitigating risks associated with unmanaged assets? +

    Lansweeper instantly detects unmanaged and rogue endpoints connected to the network, eliminating blind spots and reducing security risks. Organizations can proactively secure their infrastructure by automatically identifying these assets and preventing potential threats or unauthorized access.


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