Enrich Incident Alerts with Accurate Asset Data

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Your SIEM tool is lighting up with hundreds of alerts - a security event is taking place. Now you must locate and isolate the affected device, determine the severity of the threat, and take steps to remediate the issue. But with so little data about the potential incident, where do you start? All you have to work with is a MAC or IP address, and determining what devices are impacted, their geolocation, and affected users require extensive manual effort. While you're making phone calls and sending emails trying to gather information about the incident, a cyber attack could be spreading to multiple IT assets, potentially causing massive damage and putting your organization at risk.

Simplify Complexity with End-To-End Visibility

Lansweeper automatically and continuously discovers IT assets across your infrastructure -- servers, laptops, desktops, virtual machines, operating systems, software, and other assets deployed on your network -- to create an always-accurate, up-to-date IT asset inventory with detailed and granular IT asset data. Through seamless integrations, Lansweeper automatically enriches the information your SIEM tool provides in an alert - no phone calls, emails, or manual investigations necessary - so you have the answers you need in seconds and can jump into action to stop an attack fast before it spreads.

Make Informed Decisions and Take Rapid Action

No matter how effective your SIEM tool is at bringing a security incident to your attention, it's up to you to determine whether the alert is a false alarm or a serious threat. While your organization's CMDB tool is a good starting point for finding the information you need, it only offers a subset of IT asset data. Often, this information is stored in Excel spreadsheets that are out of date almost as soon as they're completed.

With Lansweeper data at your fingertips, you gain instant access to always-accurate, up-to-the-minute data, to make informed decisions and take appropriate action. Security teams can pinpoint affected devices, locations, and users in seconds, align priorities with potential business impact, and prioritize the most critical issues. Lansweeper automatically surfaces detailed IT asset data the moment you need it, in the format you choose, accelerating issue resolution.

Enhance Automation to Orchestrate Updates and Changes

When a cyber attack strikes, every second counts. Armed with detailed information from Lansweeper about the IT estate, IT security teams can isolate infected and vulnerable devices, rapidly deploy the necessary updates and patches, and automate essential incident response and remediation processes, saving time and overhead. Playbooks for responding to critical threats can be implemented to notify IT staff and users in targeted locations, accelerate their response time and automatically shut down infected devices. Such automation not only saves time and lowers costs, it significantly reduces time to incident resolution, and helps to minimize the lateral spread of a cyber attack.

Simplify Compliance with Complete and Detailed Documentation

To avoid costly fines and reputational damage, your organization must comply with increasingly strict industry, legislative and governmental regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI and others. But documenting your remediation processes is painstaking work. Lansweeper enables security teams to enrich their documentation with granular IT asset data in an automated fashion, eliminating hours of manual recordkeeping and reducing the risk of human error. In addition to satisfying compliance requirements, this information can be leveraged by security analysts to understand how an incident or attack occurred, refine and improve processes, and strengthen the organization’s overall security posture.

What about My SIEM/SOAR Solutions?

When every second counts, having all the information you need at your fingertips empowers you to act quickly and resolve a security event before damage occurs. But alerts typically come with minimal information - a MAC or IP address won't arm you with the data you need to protect your organization. Lansweeper integrates seamlessly with leading SIEM and SOAR tools, including Splunk ES, Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR, IBM QRadar, MSFT Sentinel, Splunk SOAR, and more, significantly reducing deployment times and minimizing the need for customization.

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