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CI Syncronizer – Powered by Syncfish Integration

CI Synchronizer seamlessly correlates and synchronizes Lansweeper discovered assets into your ServiceNow CMDB.

In partnership with Lansweeper, Syncfish CI Synchronizer (Enterprise Edition) is a highly scalable SaaS product that seamlessly correlates and synchronizes Lansweeper-discovered assets into your ServiceNow CMDB.

CI Synchronizer has been architected from the ground up to meet the needs of an enterprise.

CI Sync is preconfigured to read many Lansweeper assets and related records.  CI Sync automatically correlates, maps, and transforms into your ServiceNow to produce a high-fidelity CMDB, including a wide range of CI-to-CI Relationships derived from data and automatically created in your CMDB.

CI Synchronizer is designed for rapid implementation to avoid long implementation cycles associated with other solutions.  A typical CI Sync setup takes between 60 and 90 minutes from start to end, after which you will first synchronize Lansweeper data into your non-prod ServiceNow CMDB.

CI Synchronizer is available in two distinct editions to cater to a variety of business needs.

  • CI Synchronizer Professional Edition provides a streamlined, out-of-the-box solution for businesses looking for efficient, hassle-free CMDB synchronization without the need for extensive customization.
  • CI Synchronizer Enterprise Edition offers advanced customization and high-volume data handling capabilities, perfect for organizations with complex synchronisation needs and bespoke configuration requirements.

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Key Integration Features

CI Synchronizer is delivered as a SaaS solution which is managed and maintained by Syncfish.  Key features of the service include:

  • An incredibly rapid setup time (60-90 minutes).
  • A sophisticated duplicate record handling and correlation engine to ensure duplicate CIs are not created in your CMDB.
  • Delta synchronization (only synchronizes Lansweeper assets which have been added or changed since the previous sync).
  • The Out of the Box (OOTB) CI Sync configuration, deployed with each customer instance, caters for following record sets (all fully automated)
  • Over 30 Lansweeper asset times
  • Over 10 related records
  • Over 10 major CI-to-Ci relationship types (and almost 80 individual relationships)
  • An OOTB configuration that can be adjusted to deal with customer specific CMDB designs.
  • The ability to handle complex transformation rules and logic to address the needs of large/complex organizational environments.

CI Synchronizer has been designed to meet enterprise level cyber security and data privacy requirements, including:

  • Each customer is provided their own dedicated instance of the SaaS solution. There is no sharing of processing or storage between customers.
  • Each customer decides the physical location of their SaaS instance. CI Sync is hosted in Azure and therefore can be in hosted in Azure data centre locations across the globe.
  • CI Sync does not store a copy of the Lansweeper data after it has been processed and persisted into ServiceNow.
  • Each CI Sync instance is integrated/enrolled into your own Azure AD. This means all authentication and authorisation is controlled by your own Azure AD.
  • CI Sync is offered with two architect options, one base on cloud-native isolation and the other based on VNET and private-end point isolation. Customers can select an architecture (and related subscription) which meets their cyber security needs.

Which Edition is Suitable for Your Organisation?

All Editions: 
  • A comprehensive solution to CMDB automation challenge and rapid deployment and uptake.
  • A comprehensive range of source and destination connectors.
  • Can be purchased with any Lansweeper Edition.

Professional Edition:

  • Customers not requiring any customisation of the default rules, logic and configuration of their customer specific CI Synchronizer instance.
  • Customers not requiring advanced record sets, large volume record sets or the advanced features only available in Enterprise Edition.
Enterprise Edition:
  • Customers wanting bespoke configuration of the rules that drive CMDB data (CI class level inclusions/suppression and mappings, attribute level inclusions/suppression and mappings, data transformation rules, location mapping rules, status value mappings and many more).
  • Customers wanting to synchronize advanced record sets (targeted digital certificates, targeted windows services and processes .. where the targets are based on individual customer business rules).
  • Customers wanting to synchronise large volume record sets (installed software, mobile applications, and patches/hot fixes).
  • Customers wanting advanced features (manufacturer data normalisation, application service mapping integration).


CI Synchronizer has the following requirements only:

  • Integration with your Azure AD (for authentication of users performing sync job scheduling and log review)
  • An on-premise Windows VM to run the CI Sync Agent for Lansweeper. This VM can be the same VM currently running your Lansweeper Scanning Service.

CI Synchronizer does NOT require any of the following:

  • Does not require a ServiceNow Mid-Server.
  • Does not require the ServiceNow Service Graph or any Service Graph connectors.
  • Does not require the ServiceNow integration hub.
  • Does not require any ServiceNow plug-ins or additional scoped applications.
  • Does not require the Lansweeper Cloud (though is suitable for customers using a combination of Lansweeper classic on-prem and Lansweeper cloud).




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