Assets in Jira Service Management Integration

Sync and Track Lansweeper Assets with JSM Assets effectively. 

Experience seamless and efficient asset management with the Lansweeper App for Jira Service Management Assets. This powerful integration allows you to effortlessly fetch Lansweeper Assets and sync directly to JSM Assets, ensuring a consolidated and up-to-date asset inventory. With the ability to schedule syncs at intervals specified by you, your JSM Assets will always reflect the latest information from Lansweeper. Advanced configurations enable you to filter asset types and fields, providing a tailored sync experience that aligns with your specific requirements.

Key Integration Features

App Functionalities: 
  • The app will automatically synchronize Lansweeper Assets and their relations with Jira Assets based on the user configuration. 
  • The app allows the user to filter Asset Types for which the sync should occur. 
  • The app also allows the user to do the Assets Field Configuration to filter the fields of the asset that needs to be synced from the Lansweeper platform. 
  • The app also provides statistics for the syncing process with the start and end time of the sync along with its status. 


  • Lansweeper Pro or Enterprise License Tier




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