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Vivantio CSM Integration

Bring assets discovered by Lansweeper straight into your Vivantio CSM platform.

Vivantio CSM – For B2B Customer Service Teams and MSPs

Vivantio’s FLEXBridge integration platform is the center of your unified service management solution. FLEXBridge is an ever-increasing suite of out-of-the-box integrations that allow you to orchestrate your service management tools in a few clicks.

We are delighted to add the Lansweeper FLEXBridge to this library of integrations. Combine the power of Lansweeper’s asset discovery with Vivantio’s industry-leading service management platform. Bring assets discovered by Lansweeper straight into your Vivantio CSM platform.

Automatically build Vivantio asset database/CMDB with Lansweeper discovery against each client. Integrate discovered assets into incident, problem, and change management. Utilize data through a service catalog for service requests.



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Key Integration Features

  • Easily populate Vivantio Assets with the power of Lansweeper discovery.
  • Pull through extensive asset data into Vivantio Custom Forms for easier day-to-day service management and improve CMDB data quality.
  • Link your assets with Customers and Clients in Vivantio CRM for a 360-degree view of service health and fully understand the business impact.
  • Powerful query-based filtering lets you control the synchronization and the complete visibility of asset lifecycle management.
  • Utilize Vivantio’s codeless expression builder to create bespoke asset views. Enable current, accurate data for improved MTTR, reporting, and compliance.


  • Lasnweeper Starter, Pro, or Enterprise tier.




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