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Vivantio ITSM Customers Gain Full Visibility into the Asset Estate with Lansweeper

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By Karen Lambrechts

Business success today hinges on reliable, continuous access to mission-critical applications and services. Any downtime or service disruptions can impact productivity, and make it difficult to deliver on customer expectations for seamless experiences. As companies continue to adopt new technologies and expand their infrastructure to accommodate the demands of digital transformation, the IT Service Desk, Customer Service Teams and Service Providers, will inevitably feel the heat. 

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In fact, ticket volumes in ITSM have increased by over 35% over the past year, largely due to employees working remotely. The traditional office-centric workplace is evolving, and now distributed enterprises with geographically dispersed workers are the norm. As they continue to access corporate technologies and services remotely, service issues – from failing equipment to password recovery requests and poor service performance – will continue to proliferate.  

Unfortunately, the cost of a slow response to an open ticket can be extremely high – and not just to the individual or group experiencing the outage. MetricNet reports that businesses spend about $1.60 per minute resolving a ticket and the average mean time to repair (MTTR) for failed or broken equipment is more than 8 hours. At nearly $770 per ticket, costs add up, especially considering that enterprise IT service desks receive an average of 492 tickets per month

While IT service management tools are essential to helping Service Desk personnel respond to and remediate IT service issues quickly, they’re more effective with access to complete and accurate IT asset data. Most ITSM tools rely on Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) for that information, but the CMBD can be outdated or inaccurate, especially if they still rely on manual, error-prone updates. Using inaccurate data to remediate service issues can impact the Service Desk’s ability to make informed decisions and take action. Additionally, poor visibility into IT asset data leads to poor agent utilization and high overhead, not to mention slow and ineffective service for customers. 

Specifically within B2B Customer Service Teams and across MSPs, there has been a significant focus on how customer service and customer experience drive organization growth. Forbes state that companies with a customer experience mindset drive revenue 4-8% higher than the rest of their industries and 96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand. 

65% of companies say improving their data analysis is very important to delivering a better customer experience and those companies are now leaning towards technology platforms that can extend the digital ecosystem beyond case management. By integrating with other critical business applications, service teams are able to gain a more holistic view of the customer, and through predictive analysis, automation and workflow, deliver faster and more efficient service without compromising quality.  

That’s where Lansweeper comes in. Through it’s partnership with Vivantio’s leading Customer Service Management and ITSM platform, Lansweeper has built a seamless integration that enables Vivantio customers to access complete, accurate IT asset data right within their Vivantio solution. These integrations streamline the process of investigating and resolving tickets and requests for service, and speeding MTTR to reduce downtime.  


Combining Lansweeper & Vivantio

Discover, Identify and Understand the Full Lifecycle of All Your IT Assets.

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A Best-in-Class Solution for IT Asset Discovery & Inventory 

Vivantio was founded in 2003 as the only service management solution that empowers B2B customer service teams with an enterprise-level best practice solution that is also intuitive, flexible and scalable enough to meet the needs of fast-growing mid-market organizations. “In everything we do, we aim to empower customers to build and configure our Service Management platform according to their needs,” said Bill Varga, Chief Revenue Officer at Vivantio. “Many of our customers are growing and scaling their businesses and moving away from less sophisticated tools. They realize that enterprise service management offers a way of scaling by leveraging the advantages brought by the technology, without the need to increase headcount. We examine their existing processes and parameters and determine how our solution can best support them. Ultimately, we aim to create super users within our customers’ organizations and empower them to be self-sufficient, so they can maximize the ROI from our platform.”  

 “Typically, our customers would need to find a third-party provider for asset discovery and set up an integration themselves,” Varga said. “We considered developing a solution in-house but came to the conclusion that it was better to go with a best-in-class provider instead of reinventing the wheel.”  

Vivantio selected Lansweeper because of its market reputation as the leading IT asset discovery and inventory solution. “A lot of our customers were asking for us to integrate with Lansweeper, so it just made sense,” he said. “And once we evaluated the technology and the capabilities of Lansweeper, we knew it would be a fantastic solution to bring into Vivantio’s technology ecosystem.”  

A Simple and Automated Way to Empower Your Service Desk 

Lansweeper combines agent-based and agentless deep scanning with credential-free device recognition (CDR) to automate IT asset discovery. The platform discovers any connected asset – IT, OT or IoT – using a wide range of network protocols. Lansweeper can detect and recognize any device that touches the network, however briefly, including shadow IT and rogue devices, as well as forgotten or idle devices that would otherwise be overlooked during a manual inventory. After discovery, Lansweeper retrieves granular data about the device, users, installed software and more, creating a complete and accurate IT asset inventory automatically. Through an API-based integration, this information is delivered to Vivantio in seconds, making all the data necessary to diagnose and remediate a service issue easily and instantly accessible.  

With Lansweeper data flowing automatically into their Service Management solution, Vivantio customers gain full visibility into complete and accurate IT asset data to inform incident resolution, change management and service management decisions. This speeds resolution and reduces the risk and potential impact of outages to critical IT services – all while eliminating tedious and time-consuming manual tasks that introduce error and drive-up operational overhead.  


Combining Lansweeper & Vivantio

Discover, Identify and Understand the Full Lifecycle of All Your IT Assets.

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Lansweeper helps Service Desk teams align with ITIL processes with a common view of the services IT delivered and how the infrastructure supports them. Insight into what hardware is up for maintenance, along with the ability to identify machines that are sitting idle or running outdated software, means Service Desk teams can proactively initiate updates and changes to minimize the risk of new service issues. Access to Lansweeper data also reduces the costs and hassle of audits, as well as the potential risk of noncompliance with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.   

Vivantio customers can take advantage of the Lansweeper integration as an option for IT asset discovery and inventory via an easy-to-configure API. “The experience is seamless for customers who want to leverage the Lansweeper integration,” said Varga. “For customers who have limited visibility into their infrastructure, this is the perfect solution.” 

Lansweeper’s integration with Vivantio is just one of the many ways the Lansweeper platform fits seamlessly into your existing technology stack. Watch the Vivantio+Lansweeper Webinar to see it in action!


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