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Everything you need to start managing your technology estate.
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Unlimited Users
Lansweeper Cloud Access
Standard Support
For enterprises with global scale, governance, and support needs.
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Everything in Pro
Starts at 10,000 Assets
Customer Success Manager
Assistance for Global Deployments
Concierge Service (Add-on)
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Perfect for individuals or new businesses that need to keep track of their assets.
Scan up to 100 Assets
Unlimited users
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IT Discovery


Discovery Connectors

Warranty Collection

OT Discovery

Cloud Discovery

Complimentary Cloudockit License

Complimentary Cloudockit License

Complimentary Cloudockit License



Up to 3 installations

Up to 5 installations

Unlimited installations


Security Insights

Lifecycle Insights


Overviews & Pages



Cleanup Rules


Up to 5Mb per asset

Up to 15Mb per asset

Up to 30Mb per asset



Report Builder




Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Bulk Export


Report Export

Starter Apps

Starter & Pro Apps

All Apps

Admin Controls

Site Branding

Advanced Permissions

Asset Scopes

Up to 3

Up to 10





Uptime SLA




In-app Tutorials

Need Additional Helpdesk Agents?

$ 10 Monthly – Billed Anually – Buy Now


You can request a quote by clicking the “Buy Now” button. On the next page, you’ll have the option to request an official price quote. If the "Buy Now" option is not available for your preferred plan & asset count, you can request a price quote through the dedicated form.

All IT and OT assets such as computers, servers, PLCs, network devices, and manually created assets count toward the asset limit along with monitors with extended display data provided.

Monitors are assets, but they only count toward your asset limit if they have extended display data associated with them.

Lansweeper asset licenses are not stackable.
If you already have a license and you would like to expand the number of assets, you can not buy a new license to stack up with your existing one. If you would like to extend your current license, please contact our sales team.

Lansweeper Helpdesk Agent licenses are stackable.
If you already have helpdesk agent licenses and you would like to expand, you can buy new help desk agent licenses to stack up with your existing ones.

When installing Lansweeper for the first time, a full 20-day trial key is included if you provide us with your business email address. If you would like to extend the trial period, please contact our sales team.


Yes. Lansweeper Cloud is an extension of the Lansweeper Platform and comes at no additional licensing cost.

With Cloud, we build on our best-in-class discovery by enabling data federation and API-based integrations to support multiple IT scenarios throughout your organization.


You can purchase a license using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Wire transfer, Check/Money order, and various other payment methods.

Unless otherwise agreed upon in the Specific Terms, the currency you pay with depends on the billing address you provided. These are the three currencies that we accept:


United Kingdom

United States, Canada, and Latin America

Rest of the World

GBP (£)

USD ($)

EUR (€)

If your subscription is active, the billing contact will receive an automated email with renewal instructions 90 days prior to your license’s expiration date. At that time you can choose to renew or cancel your license. If you renew your subscription you will receive a new license key which you can apply to your Lansweeper installation.

You can find more detailed information about renewals here.


Updates are installed over your existing installation and leave your existing data and settings intact. Reinstalling is not required in order to update. We always advise you to make a backup of your installation before updating. More instructions can be found here.


Everybody can enjoy all our new features in Lansweeper Cloud, which are currently in a preview phase. This will allow you to experience the new functionality and share your feedback.


In the following months, we'll clearly communicate in Lansweeper Cloud and via our sales & partner teams when you're making use of features not supported by your current subscription plan. If you wish to continue using these features, we'll be happy to work with you on upgrading to one of the new subscription plans.


When you wish to take advantage of the new features and capabilities of the new packages, you can request an upgrade via one of these forms:

Customers will receive an email from ‘[email protected]' within 24 hours when purchasing a 'Lansweeper Starter', 'Lansweeper Pro', 'Lansweeper Enterprise' or renewing a 'Lansweeper' subscription for 2.000 assets or more.

Each package – Starter, Pro, or Enterprise – is available for any size environment based on our current asset bands:

  • Starting at 2,000 assets - 10,000 assets, bands are in increments of 2,000 (i.e. 2k, 4k, 6k, etc).
  • From 10,000-30,000 assets, bands are in increments of 5,000 assets (10k, 15k, 20k, etc)
  • From 30,000-100,000 assets, bands are in increments of 10,000 assets
  • From 100,000 onward, bands are in increments of 25,000 assets.

Note that the Enterprise Plan starts from 10,000 assets onwards.