A New Way of Knowing Your IT

Fuel any IT scenario through a federated & centrally managed Asset Inventory.

KNOW your it

Extending Lansweeper to the Next Level

Lansweeper Cloud extends our industry-leading IT Asset Discovery Software with a modern, cloud-based interface to empower our ITAM 2.0 vision. With Cloud, we build on our best-in-class discovery by enabling data federation and API-based integrations to support multiple IT scenarios throughout your organization.

Complete Visibility

Federate multiple geographically distributed sites in 1 global inventory.

Control Who Sees What

Control who sees which asset data through role-based access control.

Fuel Any IT Scenario

Leverage data through Integrations & open API framework to fuel every IT scenario.

Data Federation

Manage Multiple Sites

Lansweeper Cloud federates data from all local Lansweeper discovery instances into a single source of truth. Global organizations can connect multiple, geographically distributed sites - no matter how far apart - and gain deep insights into the entire IT environment from a single interface.


Control Who Sees What

Gain precise control of user access across assets and locations through roles & permissions. With Lansweeper's new permissions system, you can delegate tasks to specific users without giving them full access to all of your data.


IT Data for All

Building reports has never been easier. Users can now create their own reports in minutes without having the need for in-depth database expertise. The revamped intuitive drag-and-drop report builder offers real-time results while building the report itself, making it much easier to understand what is going on. Sharing reports & dashboards throughout your team and organization has never been easier, truly unlocking your IT data.


Connect to Other Systems

Our integration framework and API open the gates to easy integrations and empowers Lansweeper users to support multiple IT scenarios with up-to-date, accurate IT Inventory data at all times and connect that data to external technologies and solutions. You can use Lansweeper's Cloud API & standard integrations to auto-populate your CMDB and keep it up to date, to drive Cloud Migration Assessments, licensing reviews, and so on.

improved user experience

Enjoy a Modern, Flexible UI

Lansweeper's interface has been reimagined, taking into account years of feedback and the latest best practices to provide both granularity and scalability for better IT Asset Management. The new, modern interface is flexible and fully customizable, so you can customize it to your specific needs and navigate your data faster than ever before.

THE platform that powers itam 2.0

Paving the Way for ITAM 2.0

As new IT assets are introduced into an organization, it becomes increasingly difficult to streamline your IT Asset Management. Managing various IT scenarios has resulted in the creation of silos, making it difficult to maintain a complete, universal view.

Lansweeper is helping companies elevate ITAM from a niche specialty into the foundation for an efficient, well-managed IT organization. We help organizations create an accurate single source of truth that can be leveraged to support any IT scenario.


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