How Lansweeper Works

All Your IT, OT, and IoT Assets in One Platform

Learn how the Lansweeper Platform offers a robust set of capabilities to empower IT Heroes to discover, analyze, and connect their entire technology estate.

Asset Discovery

100% visibility through In-depth asset discovery across the entire IT estate.

Asset Inventory

Identify and assess details to actively manage your technology assets.

Risk Insights

Leverage Risk Insights and benefit from powerful data reports.

Powerful Integrations

Leverage data through API-based integrations to fuel any IT scenario.

Platform Overview

Effortlessly Manage Your Technology Assets

We build our platform with IT Professionals in mind to give you granular visibility across your IT, OT, and IoT estate.


Cross-Platform Asset Discovery

Discover all IT, IoT & OT assets in your network without having to install any software on your machines. Eliminate blind spots with truly exhaustive visibility on every device, user, and software across the entire Technology estate.


One Centralized Asset Inventory

Manage the asset’s lifecycle and document everything on business criticality, Network Management, IT Service Management, and more. Lansweeper consolidates all asset details in a centralized System of Record. It offers corporations complete visibility into their distributed technology environments, informing them which assets they own, where they are located, and who uses them.


IT Data for All

Get the answers you need in no time. Consult top-down dashboards to supervise your technology estate and drill down into the details when required. Slice and dice the data to find security risks, support audits, optimize cost, assess sustainability, and more. Customize your list views to organize your inventory the way it best suits your unique environment. Choose from hundreds of ready-made, out-of-the-box reports, or build custom reports in no time.

Risk Insights

Identify Critical Vulnerabilities & Track Assets Throughout the Lifecycle

Leverage vulnerability information from the NIST catalog connected to your assets and benefit from vulnerability insights. Gain visibility of assets that have known vulnerabilities and benefit from faster triage and incident response. Access lifecycle information to track the support status of products in your environment, allowing you to see which of your hardware assets and Operating Systems will go end of life.


Visualize Your IT Asset Data with Diagrams

The diagramming capabilities in Lansweeper enhance your experience of discovering and understanding the state of your inventory. Discover at a glance the relations between your assets with dynamically generated diagrams (network topologies, virtual environments) on top of your inventory.


Connect to Other Systems

The Lansweeper Platform connects right into your existing technology stack so you can fuel every IT scenario with up-to-date, accurate data. Leverage data and insights where needed most: auto-populate your CMDB, improve your IT Service Management, enrich security incident alerts, strengthen your Attack Surface Management, and so on. No matter what the IT scenario, the data is there, it's accurate, and it's ready to use.

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