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Introducing a fast and advanced network IP scanner

The Lansweeper network scanner is a free IP scannerĀ that scans all available ports to retrieve detailed information. It offers a variety of scanning targets within a fully configurable and user-friendly interface, making it an indispensable tool for network administrators to manage their IT network inventory. Relevant network information is gathered via WMI, SNMP, HTTP, FTP, SSH and an array of other protocols. As a result, Lansweeper assists you in discovering scanned network devices by IP, lets you ping computers, track IP address usage in your network, group computers by IP location and allows you to execute custom actions such as remote shutdown, Wake-On-Lan and many more.

Schedule a complete network scan by IP range

Configure not just subnets but any IP range you're looking to discover and specify a separate scanning schedule for each range. At the scheduled times, IP address range scanning adds the submitted ranges to your scanning queue. Thanks to the variety of configurable settings, customizable scanning requests are easy to set up, as you're able to:

  • scan IP ranges automatically or on demand
  • re-discover an entire subnet with just one click
  • exclude devices from the results based on type or IP address
  • import your entire network setup via a CSV file
  • and do so much more!

IP scanner target

Delve into a wealth of information

Lansweeper's advanced IP scanner is the perfect utility for clever network admins. Benefit from valuable data to optimize your IT environment and improve your network management. An extensive range of information and details are to be found in the Lansweeper web console for up to 100 devices in the free version. Detect internal, as well as external, IP addresses and hardware MAC addresses. Retrieve currently logged-on users, configured user accounts, register device uptimes, find NetBIOS information and so much more.

Device uptime registration


Link communication with information

The integrated Help Desk & ticketing solution provides you with a central hub for any communication related to your network. Help Desk access with one agent is included while an unlimited number of users can create tickets and request support.

Integrated help desk & ticketing solution

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