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Network Scanner – A Free Network Scanning Tool

2 min. read
By Nils Macharis
network scanner tool

Use the remote network scanner to find all connected devices on a network. With the advanced Network scanning tool for windows and mac.

The Free IP Network Scanning Tool

The free IP network scanning tool scans IP addresses in any range as well as any of their ports to retrieve detailed information.

Get info from IP such as computer name, best-advanced, currently logged-on windows user, configured user accounts, register device uptimes and so much more. The IP scanner for networks gathers relevant network information via :

  • WMI
  • SNMP
  • HTTP
  • FTP
  • SSH
  • and an array of other protocols

As a result, Lansweeper assists you to scan connected network devices by IP. It lets you ping computers, track IP address usage in your network, group computers by IP location and even allows you to execute custom actions such as remote shutdown, Wake-On-Lan and many more.

With this network scanning tool, you can scan not just subnets but any IP range you’re looking to discover and specify a separate scanning schedule for each range. At the scheduled times, IP address range scanning adds the submitted ranges to your scanning queue. Thanks to the variety of configurable settings, customizable IP remote scanning requests are easy to set up, as you’re able to:

  • Scan network IP ranges automatically or on demand.
  • Re-discover an entire subnet with just one click.
  • Exclude devices from the results based on type or IP address.
  • Import your entire network setup via a CSV file.

The network scanner software is an agentless scanning method. This method which lists all connected network devices, such as IP cameras, printers & switches on your network. Finds all connected devices with you ping. the network scanner will detect devices such as windows, mac & Linux computers and servers.

Download the remote network scanner over IP and see all network scanner to your network and who is on your network.


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