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IP Range Scan Time Overview

Miscellaneous Scanning

Get an Overview of the Scan Times of IP Ranges

Managing the load on your Lansweeper scanning server can be very important if you’re scanning large amounts of assets. Windows assets automatically log how long a scan takes for each scanned component. Using this data we’re able to compile the total scanning time for IP Ranges based on only the time it takes to scan Windows assets within that range. This provides some indication of how long it takes Lansweeper to perform a scan of your IP Ranges and can identify potential issues, and help with load balancing and determining if additional scanning servers are needed. You can read more about using this data in the Pro Tips blog post.  

Scanning Time Query

Select CONCAT(ipstart, ' - ', ipend) as IPRange,
Count(tblassets.AssetID) As [IPs Used],
Cast(ISNULL(sum(a.scantime)/60,0) as decimal(16,2)) as [Scantime (Minutes)],
Cast(ISNULL(avg(a.scantime/60),0) as decimal(16,2)) as [Average Scantime (Minutes)]
From tblassets
Inner Join tblAssetCustom On tblassets.AssetID = tblAssetCustom.AssetID
Inner Join tblState On tblState.State = tblAssetCustom.State
inner Join tsysIPScanRanges On tsysIPScanRanges.Servername =
inner join tblComputersystem on tblComputersystem.AssetID = tblassets.AssetID
left join (select sum(ISNULL(scantime, 0)) as scantime,
from TsysLastscan
group by assetid) as a on a.AssetID = tblassets.AssetID
Where tblState.Statename = 'Active' and tblassets.IPNumeric Between
ParseName(tsysIPScanRanges.Ipstart, 4) +
Right('000' + IsNull(ParseName(tsysIPScanRanges.Ipstart, 3), ''), 3) +
Right('000' + IsNull(ParseName(tsysIPScanRanges.Ipstart, 2), ''), 3) +
Right('000' + IsNull(ParseName(tsysIPScanRanges.Ipstart, 1), ''),
3) And ParseName(tsysIPScanRanges.Ipend, 4)+ Right('000' + IsNull(ParseName(tsysIPScanRanges.Ipend, 3), ''), 3) +
Right('000' + IsNull(ParseName(tsysIPScanRanges.Ipend, 2), ''), 3) +
Right('000' + IsNull(ParseName(tsysIPScanRanges.Ipend, 1), ''), 3)
Group By tsysIPScanRanges.IprangeID,
ipstart, ipend
order by IprangeID




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