• OT – 3.7.0

    • Added: ACME-16858 Added PCOM protocol for discovering devices for the manufacturer Unitronics
    • Added: ACME-17097 Added the capability to export OT scan targets.
    • Added: ACME-17100 Added the ability to bulk delete scan targets.
    • Added: ACME-17107 Added basic encoding to the initiate request for the IEC-61850 protocol.
    • Added: ACME-17656 The Controller Name is added when available for Rockwell devices while scanning with EtherNet/IP protocol.
    • Changed: ACME-17099 Memory usage has been improved in several protocols when parsing data.
    • Changed: ACME-17104 Adjusted the EtherNet/IP protocol to retrieve multiple IP addresses and MAC addresses on different communication interfaces, likewise improving coverage.
    • Fixed: ACME-14839 The info field in the version info menu would randomly switch between “Up to date” and “Update in progress” while an update was in progress.
    • Fixed: ACME-16590 Fixed the firmware parsing for Micrologix devices
    • Fixed: ACME-17106 Modified cancelling a scan in the Network Discovery Hub when scanning an OT protocol, as some protocols did not completely stop when the scan was cancelled.

  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 910

    • Changed: LAN-16228 The saving and merging logic for assets with Azure data has been improved.
    • Fixed: LAN-16055 Assets without an IP address were not cleaned up.
    • Fixed: LAN-16108 Cleanup options would wrongly delete asset radar records, even when brought in by another scanning server.
    • Fixed: LAN-16212 LsAgent could stall when attempting to fetch Windows Cluster logs if there was no cluster.
    • Fixed: LAN-16276 Performance scanning would throw WMI errors.
    • Fixed: LAN-16228 Azure information was sometimes removed after scans.

  • OT – 3.6.1

    • Added: ACME-17091 Expanded the SOPAS protocol for the vendor SICK AG with CoLa-A/B and the newer CoLa-2 protocol.
    • Added: ACME-17092 Improved the scanning logic for the Modbus protocol to be able to find devices from the manufacturer WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH.
    • Changed: ACME-17103 Npcap has been updated to the latest OEM.
    • Fixed: ACME-14735 The Npcap installation could fail due to an invalid thumbprint.
    • Fixed: ACME-14816 Hub errors flooded the Application event log, causing it to rapidly wrap and unnecessarily consume system resources.
  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 910

    • Fixed: LAN-14404 Intune scanning failed to save data to the database.
    • Fixed: LAN-16031 Fixed an error that caused Intune scans to fail, and further implemented enhancements to optimize Intune scanning.
    • Fixed: LAN-16136 Certain asset information in vCenter assets would not be shown following a scan.
    • Fixed: LAN-16161 In rare cases, the scan server went down, concurring with resource leaks.

  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 910

    • Fixed: LAN-16155 The Purchased and Warranty fields within Lifecycle information could display inaccurate information.
    • Fixed: LAN-16157 Cisco VOIP phones were not correctly scanned.

  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 910

    • Changed: LAN-16101 Improvements have been made to the processing of incoming LsAgent files, specifically when saving Windows certificates.
    • Fixed: LAN-15989 Active Directory scans failed when passwords contained “@” or “¤.“
    • Fixed: LAN-16014 Microsoft 365 FallbackToV1 scanning failed if PowerShell 7.1 or higher is installed on the Lansweeper scanning server.
    • Fixed: LAN-16039 The startup process of the scanning service could be delayed due to email account errors in the helpdesk.
    • Fixed: LAN-16077 Foreign key constraint errors could occur when deleting assets scanned through Microsoft Entra ID.

  • OT – 3.5.1

    • Fixed: ITD-1995 When the OT hub is linked to Lansweeper On-premises, OT assets were sometimes duplicated.