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  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 910

    • Changed: LAN-16101 Improvements have been made to the processing of incoming LsAgent files, specifically when saving Windows certificates.
    • Fixed: LAN-15989 Active Directory scans failed when passwords contained “@” or “¤.“
    • Fixed: LAN-16014 Microsoft 365 FallbackToV1 scanning failed if PowerShell 7.1 or higher is installed on the Lansweeper scanning server.
    • Fixed: LAN-16039 The startup process of the scanning service could be delayed due to email account errors in the helpdesk.
    • Fixed: LAN-16077 Foreign key constraint errors could occur when deleting assets scanned through Microsoft Entra ID.

  • OT – 3.5.1

    • Fixed: ITD-1995 When the OT hub is linked to Lansweeper On-premises, OT assets were sometimes duplicated.
  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 910

    • Fixed: LAN-15943 In rare cases, the scan server went down.
    • Fixed: LAN-15962 The RMADUSER cleanup option incorrectly removed users that were present and enabled in Active Directory from the Lansweeper data.
    • Fixed: LAN-16067 The scanning server could randomly go down, and the scanning service could stop working.

  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 910

    • Fixed: LAN-15890 In rare cases, some scanned software was not being saved.
    • Fixed: LAN-16040 Windows rename detection deleted and created new assets instead of updating existing asset pages.

  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 910

    • Fixed: LAN-15942 Errors in Microsoft Entra ID scans occurred when sending requests.
  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 910

    • Added: LAN-15983 Added a rate limiter to the service API to prevent thread starvation.
    • Changed: LAN-4040 The LastSeen and LastTried fields are no longer updated for indirect scans (e.g. ESXi and Citrix guests, SCCM) and performance scanning. Indirect scan dates are now also kept in a separate table to allow for easy access.
    • Changed: LAN-14558 Improved VMware scanning stability.
    • Changed: LAN-15909 OT link in menu will redirect to the asset type report instead of the all assets page.
    • Fixed: LAN-15876 Deployments sometimes failed, throwing several different errors.
    • Fixed: LAN-15923 SCCM scans were not saved when a call ends abruptly.
    • Fixed: LAN-15925 HTML formatting disappeared from Helpdesk tickets.
    • Fixed: LAN-15932 VMware scanning sometimes failed because of XML errors.
    • Fixed: LAN-15943 In rare cases, the scan server went down.
    • Fixed: LAN-15991 Indexing of helpdesk tickets failed due to updated website CSRF checks.
    • Fixed: LAN-15999 Event logs weren’t saved with LsAgent and LsPush scan imports.
  • OT – 3.5.0

    • Added: ITD-1459 The Profinet protocol used by many vendors like Siemens, ABB, Beckhoff, Rockwell, etc is now supported. For more information, see OT Supported Protocols.
    • Added: ITD-1591 The SRTP protocol used by the vendor Emerson/GE is now supported.
    • Fixed: ITD-1736 A wrong slot amount was shown in the Bus Config overview of an OT device when a module had a width larger than 1 slot in a Bus of type Backplane.