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  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 950


    If you use SQL LocalDB 2014, this release will update your database. Before updating to the newest version, make sure to back up your installation.

    • Added: LAN-16445 – New installations now include Microsoft SQL Server LocalDB 2022 instead of LocalDB 2014.
    • Added: LAN-16606 The Lansweeper setup now installs the Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (x64) package when required for LocalDB installations.
    • Changed: LAN-16445 – Existing installations with Microsoft SQL Server LocalDB 2014 will automatically be upgraded to LocalDB 2022.
    • Changed: LAN-16445 – Existing installations with Windows Server 2012 will automatically be upgraded to LocalDB 2016.
  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 950

    • Fixed: LAN-16297 A security issue was resolved.
    • Fixed: LAN-16361 A security issue was resolved.
    • Fixed: LAN-16393 A security issue was resolved.
    • Fixed: LAN-16466 A security issue was resolved.
    • Fixed: LAN-16467 A security issue was resolved.
    • Fixed: LAN-16483 Disabled AD assets were not automatically removed or marked as non-active.

  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 950

    • Added: LAN-16293 Added Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) support to the Lansweeper installer.
    • Added: LAN-16295 Added Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) support to the Lansweeper installer.
    • Fixed: LAN-16041 tblSerialnumber contained numerous duplicate entries for Microsoft products.
    • Fixed: LAN-16137 Assets were sometimes incorrectly categorized as ESXi servers.
    • Fixed: LAN-16140 The FirstSeen field was incorrectly updated by Asset Radar.
    • Fixed: LAN-16394 A security issue was resolved.
    • Fixed: LAN-16468 A security issue was resolved.
    • Fixed: LAN-16473 In rare cases the update of normalized software failed

  • OT – 3.7.2

    • Added: ACME-18615 Added DNS validation for all DNS entries used in the generated SSL certificates.
    • Added: ACME-18926 Included missing component types to the EtherNet/IP protocol.
    • Changed: ACME-18345 Deepscans will only be processed on modules of the Controller or Communication type.
    • Changed: ACME-18585 Improved the Modbus protocol to scan all device IDs.
    • Changed: ACME-18905 OT discovery results are no longer merged based solely on IP address if the existing discovery result already contains a MAC address or serial number.
    • Changed: ACME-16625 Improved the GE SRTP protocol to prevent downtime on specific devices.

  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 950

    • Added: LAN-15897 Added an option for LsAgent groups to configure exclusive LsAgent asset scanning. These assets will not be scanned by agentless or credential-free scanning methods.
    • Added: LAN-15929 Added a new section to the server options to allow more control over unique records cleanup.
    • Added: LAN-16060 Improved Cisco model specifications.
    • Added: LAN-16112 Added more keyboard data for Windows assets, such as the «Layout name» and «Layout variant» fields and a link for more information.
    • Added: LAN-16164 Added the layout name and layout variant fields to the Windows asset summary page.
    • Changed: LAN-15453 Updated «AirWatch» to «VMware Workspace One UEM (AirWatch)» in the console.
    • Changed: LAN-15898 The size of log files included in the GatherLogs tool has been decreased.
    • Changed: LAN-15929 Old authorized or unauthorized software unique records will only be cleaned up if no action has been assigned to the software.
    • Changed: LAN-15979 Removed unnecessary and duplicate CSRF checks, and improved logging for failed CSRF checks.
    • Changed: LAN-16076 Improved the AD data cleanup functionality and added the option to throttle the volume of requests.
    • Changed: LAN-16116 The loading speed of the helpdesk tab has been improved by optimizing the custom filter query.
    • Changed: LAN-16148 Memory usage of the Lansweeper service has been improved by implementing more efficient disposal of objects created by WMI.
    • Fixed: LAN-5052 An excessive number of «The LDAP Server is unavailable» error messages were being displayed on the Server Log page.
    • Fixed: LAN-10056 Deleting an ESXi host left stale entries in the tblVmwareGuest table.
    • Fixed: LAN-10303 An error occurred when setting the authentication mode to mixed during installation.
    • Fixed: LAN-14444 HP Laserjet printers were misidentified as Switches.
    • Fixed: LAN-15428 The same antivirus software could be displayed multiple times in the Software > Antivirus section of Windows computer asset pages.
    • Fixed: LAN-15798 The Windows Computer (eventlog only) scanning target was not functioning as expected.
    • Fixed: LAN-15891 An error occurred when attempting to scan vCenter targets.
    • Fixed: LAN-15920 The Edit Ticket menu in the helpdesk displayed incomplete information due to misaligned dropdown lists.
    • Fixed: LAN-15922 It was not possible to select an item from a dropdown list in the helpdesk using a keystroke.
    • Fixed: LAN-15939 Creating a knowledgebase article in the helpdesk from a ticket resulted in an error.
    • Fixed: LAN-15951 An issue sometimes occurred for installations with multiple scan servers where upgradescript 900 failed to create tblOTModule due to a deadlock on tblAssets.
    • Fixed: LAN-15953 When an incorrect username or password was used to connect to a VMware instance, an error message incorrectly appeared in the Windows Event Viewer.
    • Fixed: LAN-15980 Cloud sync did not work correctly when a proxy that required authentication was used.
    • Fixed: LAN-15987 Microsoft Entra ID scans sometimes failed, throwing an «Object reference not set to an instance of an object» error.
    • Fixed: LAN-15993 Comments on assets could not be edited.
    • Fixed: LAN-16009 The Windows computer scanning target was blocked for computers in a workgroup. Domain mapping was not used for computer scanning targets.
    • Fixed: LAN-16054 The IP location was missing for ESXi host and VMware guest assets following a rescan.
    • Fixed: LAN-16055 Assets without an IP address were not cleaned up.
    • Fixed: LAN-16058 A print spooler error was shown even when the PRINTERDRIVERS scan item was not enabled.
    • Fixed: LAN-16059 An error occurred when adding a scanning exclusion without selecting an exclusion reason.
    • Fixed: LAN-16070 Event filter widgets were displayed incorrectly.
    • Fixed: LAN-16066 The Status and Version of the VM tools were no longer retrieved when scanning ESXi or vCenter servers.
    • Fixed: LAN-16073 The Last successful scan field did not display the credential used for the scan.
    • Fixed: LAN-16076 The scanning service could send an excessive number of queries to the domain controllers.
    • Fixed: LAN-16077 Foreign key constraint errors could occur when deleting assets scanned through Microsoft Entra ID.
    • Fixed: LAN-16108 Cleanup options would wrongly delete asset radar records, even when brought in by another scanning server.
    • Fixed: LAN-16124 The «Assets: All licensed assets in Lansweeper» report showed a different number of assets compared to the number on the license page.
    • Fixed: LAN-16200 LsAgent scans didn’t pick up certain registry keys.

  • OT – 3.7.0

    • Added: ACME-16858 Added PCOM protocol for discovering devices for the manufacturer Unitronics
    • Added: ACME-17097 Added the capability to export OT scan targets.
    • Added: ACME-17100 Added the ability to bulk delete scan targets.
    • Added: ACME-17107 Added basic encoding to the initiate request for the IEC-61850 protocol.
    • Added: ACME-17656 The Controller Name is added when available for Rockwell devices while scanning with EtherNet/IP protocol.
    • Changed: ACME-17099 Memory usage has been improved in several protocols when parsing data.
    • Changed: ACME-17104 Adjusted the EtherNet/IP protocol to retrieve multiple IP addresses and MAC addresses on different communication interfaces, likewise improving coverage.
    • Fixed: ACME-14839 The info field in the version info menu would randomly switch between «Up to date» and «Update in progress» while an update was in progress.
    • Fixed: ACME-16590 Fixed the firmware parsing for Micrologix devices
    • Fixed: ACME-17106 Modified cancelling a scan in the Network Discovery Hub when scanning an OT protocol, as some protocols did not completely stop when the scan was cancelled.

  •, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 910

    • Changed: LAN-16228 The saving and merging logic for assets with Azure data has been improved.
    • Fixed: LAN-16055 Assets without an IP address were not cleaned up.
    • Fixed: LAN-16108 Cleanup options would wrongly delete asset radar records, even when brought in by another scanning server.
    • Fixed: LAN-16212 LsAgent could stall when attempting to fetch Windows Cluster logs if there was no cluster.
    • Fixed: LAN-16276 Performance scanning would throw WMI errors.
    • Fixed: LAN-16228 Azure information was sometimes removed after scans.