Discover Your Customers' IT

Lansweeper is used by partners worldwide for the Discovery, Inventory, and Analysis of their customers' entire IT infrastructure.

Why Partner Up With Lansweeper?

Free Discovery

With our deal registration program, you’re entitled to a free 30-day unlimited trial key for each registered lead. We’ll get you trained and certified so you can discover the full scope of your customers’ IT infrastructure in no time, totally free of charge.

Lead Generation

Receive free leads by being showcased on our dedicated partner page as an official Lansweeper Partner with your company introduction and a link to your website.

Improve Service Level

Leverage Lansweeper to build a more profitable services business. Improve your margins by increasing efficiency and reducing costs. You’ll be able to do your service engagements more efficiently, faster and with a better result.

Earn by Selling

Once you sell a Lansweeper license, you’ll increase your revenue even more as you’ll be entitled to your partner margin. This revenue stream is recurring as our pricing structure is subscription based.

Our Fields of Expertise

IT Asset Management

With Lansweeper, IT service providers are able to develop and maintain an effective ITAM solution for their customers. As the IT portfolio of your customers evolves continuously, we minimize the risks and costs involved.

Software Asset Management

Compiling an IT Asset Management system of record is a persistent headache for both SAM professionals and the organizations they serve. Lansweeper compiles an ITAM system of record to empower your SAM Solutions.

Cyber Security

The discovery of hard- and software data plays a critical role in every cybersecurity program. Leveraging that collected network data is a fundamental starting point for implementing security measures across your organization.

Active Directory Audit

IT administrators are often too overwhelmed by other admin tasks to make Active Directory audits & cleanups a priority. Therefore, it's critical to have an easy overview of all AD computers and users, even disabled ones.

Installing Updates & Patches

With new software and OS versions being released frequently to patch security vulnerabilities, it is crucial to manage your updates and ensure that your IT environment is always up to date.

We’re constantly adding more fields of expertise.

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