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By joining our Partner Ecosystem, you'll be promoting a data-driven culture within your customers' organizations and grow into the trusted advisor they need to be successful.

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Solution Partners

Solve more, do more, earn more. Whether you're an MSP, Value-Added Reseller, Professional Services, or Consulting organization, Lansweeper provides the IT data you need.

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OEM Partners

Innovate, scale, and get to market faster. Get to market faster by having a real-time view of your entire connected IT asset estate. Build smarter solutions on established OEM technology.

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Integration Partners

The Lansweeper Integration Partner Program is for partners who create solutions that integrate with or run on the Lansweeper Platform​.

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Partner FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Joining our partner program is simple!

  • Apply for our partner program.
  • Decide which segment of Partner you want to be.
  • Submit your application form, the Partners' team will review it and contact you to finalize the procedure.

The only fee to pay is an annual co-marketing fee that will be used to set up a marketing campaign showcasing your company as a Managed or Strategic Partner. All leads generated via this campaign will be forwarded to you exclusively.

Lansweeper will set up a dedicated landing page on our website showcasing you as our partner. Additionally, we will work with you to set up an advertising campaign that we will manage and execute on your behalf. All leads generated from this campaign will be shared with you exclusively. We are also working on joint webinars, events and fairs.

The Lansweeper Partner ecosystem has grown exponentially in the past 18 months. Many of the growing pains of such accelerated growth include operational challenges that many of our partners have experienced. In order to best support our expanding global Partner ecosystem and ensure our processes do not hinder the speed of business, we have decided to implement ways to make doing business with us easier, faster and more efficient.

We have three new segments of Partners:  Emerging, Managed and Strategic.  Most new and existing Partners will fall into the Emerging Partner category.  This is where your journey to building a Lansweeper business begins.

 Emerging Partner Managed Partner Strategic Partner 
Average # new customers per year< 2324+50+
Average # of assets per subscription< 3,0003,000+10,000+
Average annual Lansweeper sales< 49,99950,000+100,000+
Partner Agreement Required?NoYesYes
Business plan required?NoYesYes
Co-marketing funds available?NoYesYes
Deal registration?NoYesYes
Discount on new logo deals5%15%*Variable*
Discount on renewals5%15%15%
Access to Partner portalNoYesYes

*15% discount on new logo deals for approved, registered opportunities only.  Rejected opportunities will only receive a 5% discount. 

Yes!  We welcome the opportunity to evaluate a business plan that demonstrates how you will meet the minimum sales requirements per year to advance to the next stage of the partnership. Reach out to [email protected] in order to receive our business plan template to get started.

Our Emerging Partners will be able to purchase licenses directly from our online web shop using a coupon code.  The coupon code will automatically apply the Partner 5% discount off of the retail price of the end-customer's subscription.  Emerging Partners will be able to quickly transact, receive their discount and receive license keys through our online system within minutes. This coupon code can be requested at [email protected].

Our Managed and Strategic Partners will have advanced capabilities in our Partner Portal.  Through the Partner Portal, Managed and Strategic Partners can: 

  1. Register deals 
  2. Manage opportunities and pipeline 
  3. Request trial keys 
  4. Create quotes 
  5. Manage renewals 

These enhanced features in the Partner Portal make it faster for Partners to move opportunities through the sales cycle and get the important information needed to close deals faster, without having to wait on us.   

We are actively building additional tools and resources to better enable sales, marketing and technical training for our partner community.  More information on the new program improvements for 2022 will be announced in December.