B2B Cyber Secure Helps Quebec’s Ministries Secure Public Infrastructure, Reduce IT Spend

Based in Quebec, Canada, B2B Cyber Secure is a Lansweeper Strategic Partner and an IT integrator specializing in helping small and medium-sized enterprises strengthen their organizations and IT architecture against cyber threats. They are also a managed service provider (MSP) for the provincial government of Quebec, which consists of various ministries responsible for overseeing different aspects of governance, public services, and administration. 

B2B Cyber Secure works with the Ministries of Justice, Education, and Health to provide cybersecurity solutions for protecting their IT infrastructure. Each of the government’s ministries manages multiple entities. For example, the Ministry of Health manages various health centers, such as retirement homes, children’s daycare centers, and more. The number of assets in each entity ranges from 2K to 100K, all of which must be discovered, logged, monitored, and secured. 

As a foundational starting point for delivering cybersecurity services, B2B Cyber Secure needed a way to create a comprehensive IT asset inventory for all of the various entities within each ministry. Martin Dubreuil, Director of Consulting-services at B2B Cyber Secure discovered Lansweeper in 2008 while working as a system administrator at a software company. “I was looking for a managed solution that was easy to deploy and provided quick, reliable results and data I could use to compile a comprehensive overview of the environment,” he said. “Lansweeper was the perfect solution.”

About three years later, Dubreuil started his own managed services practice, and after that, founded B2B Cyber Secure, bringing the Lansweeper platform with him.

Easy, Cost-Effective Compliance

B2B Cyber Secure’s customers face stringent data governance and security requirements imposed by the Canadian government. “Following COVID, a lot of money was invested to support healthcare organizations and enable people to work remotely,” Dubreuil said. Now that the threat of the pandemic has passed, the government is trying to reign in spending, and they’re asking all of the institutions to provide an up-to-date IT asset inventory. 

To that end, Quebec’s ministries must submit reports about their IT infrastructure in a compressed timeline. The government selected Lansweeper as the IT asset discovery system on record because of its capacity to be queried by an external Power BI source or any other source. “We just set it up, scan, authenticate, and collect the data they need to satisfy those requirements in minutes,” Dubreuil said.

Lansweeper provides a contract to the government for all of the ministries so they can buy directly through a single buying group and take advantage of cost savings. “Having a contract for all of the institutions within the three ministries reduces spend by allowing them to benefit from direct pricing from Lansweeper,” Dubreuil said. “This enables B2B Cyber Secure to deliver integration services and a first line of support to these customers.”

“Creativity is the only limitation”

Dubreuil said that his experience with the Lansweeper platform has made a big difference in its adoption by Quebec’s ministries. “As an MSP, I want to leverage standalone, best-in-breed applications that are not bound to a specific product ecosystem, and Lansweeper meets those requirements,” he said. “There’s no other solution that competes technically or price-wise.”

According to Dubreuil, most people are amazed when they see what they can do with Lansweeper data. “Lansweeper can speak to Power BI, Finance, Cybersecurity, Network security, software and more, and answer questions for various departments within a company,” he said. “It’s a central source of data – a single pane of glass. Everyone can find answers to their questions within Lansweeper.” 

Lansweeper is deployed 100% on-premises across all of the organizations across Quebec’s ministries. The fact that it’s an on-premises solution satisfies governmental data security requirements. “If Lansweeper was only available in the cloud, we couldn’t use the product,” Dubreuil said. “We have to maintain data sovereignty, and with Lansweeper on-premises, we can localize it inside the security perimeter of each customer. That way, if the Internet goes down, or if there’s a data breach, they still have access to their data.”

Dubreuil said he offers cloud connectivity as an additional layer of service. “Once it’s all working internally, we connect to the cloud and then customers get access to additional benefits.”


Martin Dubreuil
Director of Consulting-services

A Game Changer

According to Dubreuil, the fact that Quebec’s ministries are using Lanseweeper is a benefit for taxpayers. “With Lansweeper, I feel confident that taxpayers’ money is being well-spent because the public ministries that use the tool can get the answers they need and deliver better customer experiences as a result.”

Using Lansweeper, Dubreuil added, brings a level of maturity to the government, “Lansweeper is a game changer in the industry,” he said. “Being a strategic partner is a real win-win situation, with mutual benefits.”

“Lansweeper is a game changer in the industry.”


Martin Dubreuil
Director of Consulting-services