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Why Lansweeper?

Lansweeper helps you to minimize risks and optimize your IT
by providing actionable insight into your entire technology estate.


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Challenges faced by enterprises

How Lansweeper benefits your business

Ready for any scenario

Rather than collecting IT asset data to meet the criteria of specific scenarios, we believe asset data should be a scenario-independent endeavor to create a single source of truth.

IT Data Discovery Gaps

As IT complexity increases, visibility fades

With IT popping up in every shape, everywhere, anytime, the pressure is as high as it has ever been on IT processes, ensuring an organization’s stability, continuity, and productivity. There’s no centralized inventory tracking all the moving parts. IT managers must make decisions often based on scattered, out-of-date, and incomplete data sources.

  • You can’t manage or protect assets you don’t know you have.
  • Unmanaged assets create risks, inefficiencies, and unexpected costs.
  • You don’t have a consistent, reliable, and complete database of the IT estate.

The high cost of a fragmented approach

An incomplete, inaccurate inventory of the IT estate may also result in hardware assets sitting idle or at half capacity. Organizations end up paying for software licenses they’re not even using. Forgotten or missed assets may be running outdated software or even malware, creating security vulnerabilities that lead to huge financial losses and compromised data. This has a number of everyday consequences:

  • Underleveraged and redundant data silos
  • Inefficiency and misinformed decisions
  • Enterprise-wide misalignment
  • Money being lost across the board

“Our approach is to build your baseline asset inventory first, and have it ready at all times to enable rapid action. Creating a new inventory every time a new IT-specific use case is introduced is an enormous waste of time and resources.”

Maarten Saeys
CPO at Lansweeper
Solutions by Role

Complete visibility and accurate data for everyone

Empowering every role in IT Excellence with Lansweeper

Get done more in less time

Automate your asset discovery and inventory process, say goodbye to spreadsheets, save time, slash costs, and get control of your IT estate.

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Create business value with an agile, secure IT infrastructure

Empower your business with IT and improve the ROI of your IT investments while reducing costs and risk.

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Optimize IT to drive the business forward

Maximize the business value of IT, secure and protect the IT Infrastructure, and maintain business continuity and agility.

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Tackle cybersecurity with confidence

Eliminate blind spots with up-to-date, granular data about all assets in your IT estate. Proactively pinpoint vulnerabilities and simplify compliance and IT governance.

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Achieve service excellence & resolve issues faster

Achieve service excellence with a complete and accurate IT asset inventory. Resolve issues faster, enhance service processes, and optimize IT spend.

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Exceed customer expectations with data-driven managed services

Maximize your MSP value with complete visibility across customers’ environments. Build complete, always-accurate IT asset inventories to support any IT scenario or business use case.

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Supporting leading IT teams


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