Create Business Value with an Agile, Secure IT Infrastructure

Is Your IT Infrastructure in Sync with the Goals of Your Business?

Managing IT isn't just about availability and uptime anymore. To support the needs and objectives of the business, you must successfully implement new, disruptive technologies and solutions holistically. Business continuity is the baseline Рtoday you have to deliver advanced capabilities, knowledge management, and analytics to foster effective collaboration and decision-making across teams and departments. You add tremendous value by identifying and acting on opportunities to improve IT operations, and ensuring systems and software are running optimally at all times. Accomplishing all of this while balancing costs, and enforcing IT policy requires an up-to-date inventory of IT assets, so you can manage change with confidence.

Too Many Data Sources - Not Enough Time

Too often, you must make important decisions based on out-of-date, incomplete data that's scattered across multiple sources. You may spend significant time and energy putting out fires, rather than proactively future-proofing the IT infrastructure. The vast and rapidly developing nature of cybersecurity, coupled with a heavy day-to-day workload, makes keeping pace with changing business demands almost impossible. Worse yet, the ever-expanding IT infrastructure broadens the threat landscape, as new devices are introduced to the network. This requires additional monitoring, maintenance and risk management, as well as access to a centralized data repository -- which you don't have because you have no time to create and maintain it. 

Generate Maximum Value while Reducing Risk

Lansweeper uplevels your IT teams' ability to manage and optimize your hardware, software and IT operations. Its deep scanning engine and Credential-free Device Recognition technology automatically scan the entire IT infrastructure to discover all IT, OT and IoT – even rogue devices and shadow IT – eliminating blind spots and creating a single source of truth with granular data about all of your software and systems. Working from a centralized IT asset inventory that tracks all the moving parts, your teams can make data-driven decisions about optimizing the infrastructure to support key business objectives. Lansweeper provides full visibility across the IT estate while reducing costs and risk, so you can derive maximum business value from your IT infrastructure.

Support Any Use Case or Business Initiative

Lansweeper connects right into your technology stack so you can unlock your IT asset data and share it across all of your business-critical tools, including your CMDB and ITSM systems. Leverage a single source of complete and accurate IT infrastructure data to inform any IT scenario – from ITAM and SAM to cybersecurity, service desk, cloud migrations, patches and upgrades, IT governance, compliance and more. Lansweeper eliminates the need to pull data from various sources, saving you time and resources. Learn More about Technology Asset Intelligence.

How Lansweeper Helps IT Managers

Know Your IT

Gain complete visibility across the IT estate in minutes - automatically.

Drive Business Value

Reduce cost and make data-driven decisions to drive change.

Support Business Objectives

Maintain an always-accurate IT asset inventory to support any IT scenario.

Eliminate Data Silos

Leverage a single source of truth to collaborate across silos.

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