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Complete Visibility

Discover assets you don’t even know about and eliminate blind spots.

Risk Mitigation

Anticipate potential cyber security attacks with audit preventive measures.

Threat Detection

Get an instant cybersecurity audit across your entire network through valuable reports.

IT Security is Your Specialty

Across all industries and market sectors, cyber threats are increasing exponentially – and your business is looking to you to prevent an attack. Your main responsibility is to safeguard your IT infrastructure against malicious activity and respond to incidents with speed and efficiency. If an attack gets through, it's your job to mitigate the impact before too much damage occurs. 

Buying and rolling out the best security hardware and software is critical, and your ability to anticipate and intercept potential cybersecurity attacks is of paramount importance. This requires enforcing best practices and IT policies across the organization in a consistent and thorough way, so you can prove compliance in case of an audit or data breach. It's a tall order, and since you can't protect what you don't know you have, maintaining an always accurate IT asset inventory is a top priority.

You Can't Protect What You Can't See

Your IT infrastructure is growing and becoming increasingly distributed, and infrastructure, software, and users can be anywhere at any time. The pressure is higher than effort for you to enforce IT processes and best practices for ensuring stability, continuity, and productivity – but you're short-staffed, and highly skilled security professionals are expensive and hard to come by. To make matters worse, you're saddled with legacy infrastructure that takes a lot of time and resources to maintain and manual paper-based processes that are error-prone and incomplete. 

While you have access to multiple security tools, achieving a consolidated view of the IT infrastructure is a pipedream. Forgotten or missed assets may be running outdated software, drivers or even malware, creating security vulnerabilities that can compromise your data and infrastructure and lead to huge financial losses. How do you get it all under control and safeguard your infrastructure against impending attacks?

Build an IT Asset Inventory Baseline for IT Security

The first step to safeguarding your business is creating a complete and accurate IT asset inventory that provides full visibility across the IT estate. That's what Lansweeper does. Lansweeper continually scans your network and consolidates all IT asset data into a single source of truth that becomes a baseline for IT security. Leveraging Asset Radar and AI-powered Credential-free Device Recognition technology, Lansweeper detects and recognizes every asset – even rogue devices that only touch your network briefly or operate behind the firewall – eliminating blind spots across your IT environment.

Patch Tuesday audits and vulnerability reports make it easy to prioritize your work and roll out patches and upgrades before software and hardware vulnerabilities can be exploited. If an attacker manages to get through, you can isolate the issue rapidly and stop the spread, before the attack wreaks havoc on your organization.

Simplify IT Governance and CIS® Compliance

The CIS Critical Security Controls provide a framework for rock-solid security across your IT infrastructure -- and the first two controls call for an Inventory of Hardware Software Assets. To satisfy the first control, Lansweeper continuously detects network-connected hardware assets and reports on any changes or newly discovered devices, including workstations, servers, network devices, IoT devices, mobile devices, cloud assets and more. 

Lansweeper satisfies the second control, as well, by automatically discovering all software and drivers with version number, publisher, and more on all your hardware assets. It reveals in easy-to-understand terms what devices have outdated antivirus software, OSes or other vulnerabilities that could open the door to cyber threats. Out-of-the-box reports help to identify and mark software as "Allowed," "Denied" or "Neutral," so you can remove unauthorized installs and ensure only supported software is used in your IT environment.

Enrich Incident Alerts from SIEM/SOAR solutions with relevant IT Asset Data

When every second counts, having all the information you need at your fingertips empowers you to act quickly and resolve a security event before damage occurs. But alerts typically come with minimal information - a MAC or IP address won't arm you with the data you need to protect your organization. Lansweeper integrates seamlessly with leading SIEM and SOAR tools, including Splunk ESPalo Alto Cortex XSOARIBM QRadarMSFT SentinelSplunk SOAR, and more, significantly reducing deployment times and minimizing the need for customization.

How Lansweeper Helps IT Security Teams

Gain Full Visibility

Create a complete and always-accurate IT asset inventory in minutes.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Create a complete and always-accurate IT asset inventory in minutes.

Be Proactive

Roll out patches and upgrades before software and hardware vulnerabilities are exploited.

Simplify Compliance

Meet CIS requirements with automatic and continuous scanning and reporting.

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What Industry-leading Frameworks Say

ISO 27001 - Inventory of Assets
ISO 19770 - Dedicated to ITAM
Inventory of Devices and Software
Inventory of Hardware & Software Assets
Service Asset & Config Management
Physical Inventory of Technology

Features Designed for Cybersecurity Teams

Vulnerability Reports​

Where software versions can be identified, vulnerability reports check if the software is not missing any security patches which could leave it exposed.

Monthly Patch Tuesday Report​

Every month, Microsoft releases a scheduled security fix, known as 'Patch Tuesday'. We create a monthly report which checks if the assets in your network are on the latest Patch Tuesday update.

Deploy Software Patches​

Mitigate security risks by silently installing and uninstalling software, deploy software updates, make command-line changes, kill processes and run custom scripts.

Audit Antivirus

Is your Windows infrastructure protected against viruses? Identify if there are any Windows devices without anti-virus software and whether the anti-virus is up-to-date.

Check Hardware Warranties

Automatically check the warranty status for your Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Lenovo or Toshiba assets to make sure that your assets are still under coverage with the manufacturer.

Mitigate Local Admin Risks

Lansweeper tells you which users have Local Administrative Rights on an asset-by-asset basis. Capture all the unauthorized administrators so that you can control who can manage your assets.

Detect Unauthorized Software

Is there any menacing software installed on your corporate workstations? Lansweeper enables you to mark identified software as authorized, unauthorized and neutral.

Report on Hard Drive Encryption

Data protection is often key in a business security policy. Lansweeper automatically scans if your drives are encrypted with BitLocker and if the prerequisites for enabling BitLocker are present.

Leverage Event Log Scanning

By utilizing the wealth of information available in the Windows event log, you can keep an eye on anything, which might indicate a security risk.

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