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Credential-free Device Recognition

Recognize IT, OT & IoT Devices with High Accuracy

Lansweeper’s credential-free device recognition saves you time and effort by creating a digital fingerprint of the device to gather basic information without the need of entering credentials.

  • Credential-free Discovery
  • Recognize IT, OT & IoT Devices
  • Zero Configuration
  • Instant Asset Detection
  • High-precision & AI-Powered Device Recognition

Manual IT inventory Spreadsheets - Difficult-to-Maintain

High-precision Device Discovery – No Credentials Needed

Our credential-free device recognition technology turns network data, such as a MAC address, into a specific device providing accurate type, model, and OS specs with an unmatched level of precision. CDR detects and recognizes every device on the network – even non-scannable devices – without the need for credentials or complex pre-configurations.

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AI-Powered CDR for Enriched Results

Lansweeper CDR applies big data, AI and advanced machine-learning techniques to identify a plethora of device types with specialized device fingerprinting technology.

All devices are detected instantly – even those that only briefly touch the network and would otherwise be invisible on a typical network scan.

Eliminate Blind Spots with Credential-free Device Recognition

With connected and unmanaged devices proliferating at an unprecedented rate, constant vigilance is critical. If you don’t know what assets are on the network, it’s impossible to protect your organization, optimize costs or manage your IT infrastructure efficiently. By accurately detecting and recognizing all connected devices and providing granular data and insights, you eliminate blind spots in your network.

Detect Devices Instantly with Passive Scanning

Combine credential-free device recognition technology with the power of Asset Radar to ensure instant device detection. Asset Radar is a passive scanning feature that can instantly recognize any device – even devices that only briefly touch the network and would otherwise be invisible with a regular network scan.

The moment an asset connects to your network, Lansweeper detects, recognizes, and scans the asset. This is especially useful to track rogue devices and to keep your network safe, but also to manage the rapid influx of personal devices.


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