Lansweeper for Managed Service Providers (MSP)
Managed Service Providers

Maximizing MSP Profitability and Differentiation

Exceed customer expectations with data-driven managed services.
  • Accelerated Growth
    Get the data you need to expand your services to clients without adding additional overhead costs.
  • Shorter Sales Cycle
    Quickly identify clients’ pain points and propose tailored solutions and accurate quotes.
  • Operational Efficiency
    Quick implementation means you get accurate IT asset data fast, so you can plan and scope your work more effectively.

How fast can Lansweeper drive your MSP business success?

“I was looking for a managed solution that was easy to deploy and provided quick, reliable results and data I could use to compile a comprehensive overview of my customers’ environment.”

Martin Dubreuil
Director of Consulting Services at B2B Cyber Secure

Make a Great First Impression

Build credibility right from the start, and demonstrate to your clients that you’re serious about delivering tailored MSP solutions that align with their business needs and objectives. By integrating Lansweeper into your managed services offering, you can provide clients a clear understanding of their IT environments in minutes, building transparency and trust.


Shorten Sales Cycles for Faster Time to Revenue

Deliver unprecedented insights and accurate quotes in hours, not days. Lansweeper can be deployed rapidly for a full Proof of Concept, delivering accurate data in minutes, so you can showcase the value of your managed service offering immediately, while addressing clients’ needs more effectively. The result? Shorter, more efficient sales cycles and faster time-to-revenue.

“As a Managed Service Provider, our clients look to us to maintain best practices for minimizing risk in their IT environments – but if you don’t understand the environment, how can you manage and improve it?”

Phil Blankenstein Cerner
Phil Blankenstein
IT Manager at Cerner Corporation

Identify New Opportunities to Expand Your Services

Develop an in-depth understanding of your client’s IT environments and pinpoint areas for improvement, such as outdated hardware or software, security vulnerabilities, or compliance gaps. Lansweeper’s reporting features make it easy to show clients where they can benefit from additional support or optimization, making it easier to expand your services and increase your added value to clients.


Simplify Operations With Our Multi-Site Management Portal

Boost efficiency, reduce complexity, and improve productivity with centralized management of all your clients’ IT environments. Lansweeper’s Multi-site Management Portal provides a unified view of IT asset data across all your managed sites, for aggregated billing, cross-site reporting, patch Tuesday reports, custom views, hardware/software lifecycle reports and anti-virus reporting.


Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Benefit from Lansweeper’s flexible pricing model that grows with your business, when you’re ready. Our pay-as-you-go pricing model was created specifically for IT service providers, with no commitments to volume or targets, and no true-ups, providing the flexibility you need to support your growth.

Lansweeper Platform Integrations

Unlock Enhanced IT Management Capabilities

Elevate your MSP capabilities by harnessing the power of Lansweeper integrations. With Lansweeper as your cornerstone asset discovery and inventory solution, you gain unparalleled visibility into your customers’ IT environments. But why stop there? Our integrations extend beyond mere visibility, empowering you to deliver enhanced services and streamline operations seamlessly.


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