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Asset Radar Interfaces Overview

Network Scanning

Get an Overview of Interfaces Used by Asset Radar

This overview will provide you with a list of all network interfaces that are used by asset radar to provide you with passive scanning capabilities within your network. You can use the passive scanning Credentail free Device Recognition (CDR) to get instant data on which devices are active on your network. To get more info on passive scanning and how you can use CDR you can also check out the related Pro Tips blog post. Asset radar interfaces example

Asset Radar Interfaces Overview Lansweeper Classic Query

Select Top 1000000 tsysInitialNetworkInterfaces.Name As [Interface Name],
tsysInitialNetworkInterfaces.IPMachine As [Interface IP],
tsysInitialNetworkInterfaces.IPStart + ' - ' +
tsysInitialNetworkInterfaces.IPEnd As [IP Range],
tsysInitialNetworkInterfaces.IPSubnet As [IP Subnet],
tsysInitialNetworkInterfaces.Scanserver As [Scan Server]
From tsysInitialNetworkInterfaces
Where tsysInitialNetworkInterfaces.EnabledForAssetRadar = 1
Order By [Scan Server]




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