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Asset Radar

Asset Radar Instantly Detects Assets the Moment They Connect to the Network

Lansweeper’s Asset Radar identifies assets the moment they connect to your network. By using Asset Radar, you will no longer have to wait for your devices to be scanned by an IP range scanning target. Instant scanning means that you are not limited to a set range, while Asset Radar scans continuously and independently. This ensures complete coverage, allowing you to prevent blind spots across your IT environment. Rely on Asset Radar for insights into the real-time asset activity on your network and tackle BYOD and Rogue Device challenges.

  • Credential-free Scanning
  • Zero Configuration
  • Instant Asset Detection
  • Discover Rogue Devices
  • AI-powered Device Recognition

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Discover More, Discover Faster

Lansweeper’s Asset Radar is the quickest way to get information from your network and instantly detect assets. Asset Radar uses agentless, credential-free scanning to discover and recognize every device without the need to install our software on every device and without the need for credentials or complex pre-configurations. Lansweeper continuously captures specific network packets flowing within its own subnet, not just packets directly addressed to your Lansweeper server. If you want to dig even deeper into a specific asset, you can follow up your scan with a Deep Scan. Lansweeper will automatically retrieve a huge amount of asset-specific hardware, software & user data.

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AI-Powered Device Recognition

The level of accuracy that characterizes Asset Radar can be attributed to the power of AI, big data and advanced machine-learning techniques. More specifically, Asset Radar can rely on device fingerprinting technology to supply its recognition API with the means to extract more data and to automatically fill in data when, for instance, credentials are required. With such advanced technology backing it up, Asset Radar is sure to provide you with unrivaled recognition accuracy and speed.

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Identify Every Asset & Increase Network Security

Asset Radar’s speed also helps you to secure your network. New and unknown devices can pose a security risk, but with Asset Radar you can detect them instantly. It does not matter whether they are managed or unmanaged, or if they touch your network only briefly. They are recorded and scanned in seconds. Moreover, you can combine Asset Radar with alerts. This way, you get notified when an unknown device enters your network, enabling you to detect rogue devices before they can be of any harm.


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