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Business Success Hinges on an Optimized IT Infrastructure

In the age of digital transformation, IT has become the heartbeat of the business. Business continuity depends on a high-performing, reliable and efficient IT infrastructure, and it's your responsibility to provide the business what it needs to scale, be productive and maintain competitive advantage. The IT infrastructure must be secure yet accessible, adaptable to changing business needs, and able to keep pace with the latest trends and technologies. Visibility into the cross-functional IT data and processes is essential to eliminating silos and empowering the business with actionable insights and analytics.

It's a Balancing Act

The IT environment is growing exponentially as a result of business imperatives such as digital transformation, mobility, and the need to accommodate a hybrid workforce – and outpacing your IT team's ability to ensure continuous and reliable service, security, and ROI. Legacy infrastructure and manual processes strain your already overtaxed IT staff, who spend all their time putting out fires instead of taking on new challenges and opportunities to grow. You have to balance business continuity with fast-changing demands – which leaves no time or resources to implement disruptive technologies such as virtualization and cloud that could benefit your business now and over the long-term.

Build a Solid Foundation for ITAM

Lansweeper combines independent, agentless scanning and agent-based scanning with data aggregation across existing systems, to provide a consolidates, always-accurate repository of IT data that can be leveraged to support any IT scenario or business initiative – from digital transformation to cybersecurity, cloud migration, IT governance and more. With access to accurate and granular data about every network-connected device – IT, OT and IoT  – your IT teams are more efficient, productive, and capable of ensuring business continuity and agility, while keeping your infrastructure optimized and available. Learn more about Technology Asset Intelligence.

Safeguard Your Business Against Cybercrime

With cybercrime skyrocketing, security and data protection are essential. Lansweeper’s Asset Radar detects any asset the moment it connects to the network – even rogue devices that connect briefly and drop off. Its AI-powered Credential-free Device Recognition technology quickly recognizes and identifies those unknown devices, giving IT teams all the data they need to isolate and address potential threats. With unmatched inventory accuracy, Lansweeper eliminates blind spots and pinpoints vulnerabilities that could provide a gateway to cybercrime, providing complete coverage across the IT estate.

How Lansweeper Helps CIOs

Know Your IT

Gain complete visibility across the IT estate in minutes - automatically.

Align Business Objectives

Maintain an always-accurate IT asset inventory to support any IT scenario.

Improve Efficiency

Streamline operations to maximize the productivity of your IT organization.

Protect Your Business

Eliminate blind spots and pinpoints vulnerabilities to combat cybercrime.

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