Asset Radar

Instantly Detect Assets the Moment They Connect to the Network

Lansweeper's Asset Radar identifies Assets the moment they connect to the network, enabling complete coverage and eliminating blind spots across your IT environment. Gain a deeper understanding of the real-time asset activity on your network and tackle BYOD and Rogue Device challenges.

Discover More, Discover Faster

Lansweeper's Asset Radar is the quickest way to get information from your network. This agentless, credential-free scanning method intercepts network traffic to discover devices within seconds without the need of configuring targets or credentials. Instead, your Lansweeper server will continuously capture specific network packets flowing within its own subnet, not just packets directly addressed to your Lansweeper server, to discover new devices.

AI-Powered Device Recognition

Ensuring these devices are detected when they enter your organization’s network is crucial, as these new and unknown devices could easily become a security risk. But this is only the first step. Our advanced Credential-free Device Recognition technology recognizes and identifies every device on the network -- even previously non-scannable devices -- without the need for credentials or complex pre-configurations, giving you unprecedented insight and control across your entire IT estate.

Never Miss an Asset Again

With the Asset Radar, you'll find assets in places you didn't know were there. Because the asset radar uses network traffic to discover devices, even devices only connected for a few seconds are recorded and scanned. Instant detection also means you can detect possible rogue devices connecting to your network. By combining Asset Radar with alerts, you’re always alarmed when a new device enters your network.

Want to dig deeper? Follow up with a Deep Scan by configuring your scanning credentials and Lansweeper will automatically retrieve a huge amount of asset-specific data.

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