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Ensuring the business has access to the technology and software it needs at all times is your main goal. Meeting SLAs for availability and uptime is critical. To that end, you need complete visibility across the expanding IT infrastructure, so when something goes wrong, you can quickly identify the root cause and apply the fix. Rolling out updates and making improvements must be fast and seamless, as well. As digital transformation takes hold and the hybrid workplace becomes the new normal, you can add tremendous business value when you have the right tools and capabilities to manage the IT infrastructure effectively.

Manual Tasks and Legacy Tools Stand in the Way

The proliferation of devices combined with the hybrid nature of today's workplace requires you to track and maintain an ever-increasing array of devices and software. Meanwhile, the pressure to meet SLAs for uptime and availability is more intense than ever. You must be able to proactively safeguard the business from risk and downtime, and respond rapidly when there's an issue – but manual tasks and legacy infrastructure are slowing you down. If you're focused on just 'keeping the lights on,' how can you be proactive and fully in control of the IT infrastructure?

See Everything in Minutes - Automatically

With Lansweeper, you can create and maintain a complete and accurate IT asset inventory in minutes, for full visibility across your growing and distributed IT estate. Lansweeper's deep scanning engine and Credential-free Device Recognition technology automatically scan the entire IT infrastructure to discover all IT, OT and IoT -- even rogue devices and shadow IT -- eliminating blind spots and creating a single source of truth with granular data about all of your hardware and software. So-long to spreadsheets and error-prone manual tasks. With Lansweeper data at your fingertips, you can uncover vulnerabilities, pinpoint and diagnose issues, and roll out patches and upgrades with ease.

Have Full Control with Reports & Event Logs

Looking for quick insights? Customize the view of your Lansweeper inventory to make sure the most relevant information is always front and center. If you want to really dig into your IT asset data, use detailed pre-made and custom reports to gain true insight in to your IT environment. Bring up the data you need in a matter of seconds, from warranty information, to patch status, to vulnerability exposure

If you really want to know everything that is going on in your network, add your event logs to your network scanning. This way you can easily locate, troubleshoot, and resolve IT issues and vulnerabilities. Set up email notifications to have log alerts sent straight to your inbox.


Condense IT Asset Data from All Over Your IT Estate

Lansweeper combines agent-based scanning with agentless network discovery, which acts as switch port mapping software to discover all devices connected to all ports on a switch. It collects and reports back a wealth of information from Active Directory, including rich data on all hardware, software, peripherals, monitors, network interfaces, and more. Location tracking lets you quickly retrieve AD location data and visualize asset locations in maps with office blueprints.

Boost Cybersecurity to Reduce Risk

Lansweeper provides critical insight into your IT infrastructure to help you safeguard the business from cyber attacks. Instantly detect rogue devices -- even if they only connect to the network briefly -- and ensure remote workers don't open the door to an attack through an unauthorized or unprotected device. Run Patch Tuesday audits and vulnerability reports to illuminate potential software and hardware vulnerabilities, and prioritize your work to address the highest-risk issues first. 

How Lansweeper Helps System Administrators

Eliminate Spreadsheets

Automate recordkeeping, reporting, and other manual tasks to save time and reduce error.

See Everything in Minutes

Lansweeper detects all assets - even rogue devices - giving you full visibility across the IT estate.

Simplify Troubleshooting

Lansweeper detects all assets - even rogue devices - giving you full visibility across the IT estate.

Reduce Risk

Lansweeper detects all assets - even rogue devices - giving you full visibility across the IT estate.

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Features Designed for System Administrators

Scan Network Devices through SNMP

Automatically discover network devices through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and collect detailed information about your network devices.

Automated Switch Port Mapping

Discover the devices that are connected to all the ports of a switch. Lansweeper automatically lists the MAC address, IP address and host names of the computers associated with that port.

Monitor Performance Counters

Monitor Windows & Linux performance counters, without the need of installing an agent first. Access performance data for CPU, memory, disk, and network utilization for an added layer of insights.

Track Vital Event Logs

By utilizing the wealth of information available in the Windows event log, you can keep an eye on anything, which might indicate a security risk. Keeps log files for errors and warnings

Configuration Management

Keep an eye on all the components in your network - printers, VoIP Phones, Network Devices, servers, routers, switches, firewalls, and much more.

Manage & Respond to Risk

Leverage your IT Asset Inventory through the use of Vulnerability Audit Reports. Discover missing security patches and regularly perform a Network Vulnerability Assessment.

Be Audit Ready at All Times

Keep track of software and licenses for all your network assets. Automatically scan all of your software and manage product keys, generate reports, and track your entire software estate.

Scan & Audit Active Directory

Automatically scan Active Directory Computer & AD User Information. Perform an Active Directory Audit in no time by leveraging a load of built-in AD user and computer reports.

Control Your Printers

Detailed printer info at you fingertips. Scan toner levels, manufacturer, model, warranty, network interfaces, and much more printer-specific information.

Scan IP Ranges

Scans all available ports and retrieve detailed network data. Relevant network information is gathered via WMI, SNMP, HTTP, FTP, SSH and an array of other protocols.

Manage All Users

Get a complete overview of all users in your IT estate. Get a complete overview of local, Active Directory, and Office 365 users, and assets they are related to.

Set Up Email Alerts

Email alerts allow you to stay on top of vital information and emergencies about your network, like important changes in software and server or workstation errors.

Take Control via Custom Actions

Remotely perform tasks on one specific device. Ping machines, take over workstations with Remote Desktop, send Wake-On-LAN requests, run scripts, perform shutdowns or reboots.

Automatically Deploy Software

Mitigate security risks by silently installing and uninstalling software, deploy software updates, make command-line changes, kill processes and run custom scripts.

Integrated IT Service Desk

The integrated helpdesk enables IT pros to streamline service delivery. Tickets tied to assets provide a means of logging all related cases, and instant information to the Service Desk Agent.

Scan Virtual Environments

Easily navigate between virtual management servers, hosts and guest devices as they’re automatically linked by Lansweeper, ensuring a complete overview of your virtual environments.

Multi-Cloud Visibility

Scan groups and machines hosted on the AWS or Microsoft Azure Cloud platform as Lansweeper hooks directly into the APIs provided for these platforms and maintain visibility across a multi-cloud stack.

Advanced Audits & Reporting

Lansweeper provides over 450 reports out-of-the-box to give you a comprehensive toolbox of analytics. A drag-and-drop custom report builder gives you the power to create your own.

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