Asset Location Tracking

Know Where Your Assets Are Located

Asset location tracking is vital to IT asset management. If you do not know where your assets are located, you cannot manage them. Without full visibility of your IT estate, you risk unnecessary costs, inefficient business processes, and you leave your network vulnerable to cyberattacks. That's why you need an asset tracking system that eliminates blind spots. Lansweeper does just that and more.

Asset Location Tracking

Asset Location Tracking within Lansweeper

  • Lansweeper can retrieve Active Directory location information for Windows computers that are in an Active Directory domain.
  • You can manually add location information to your assets by editing the location field for your assets. For SNMP-enabled devices, this is automatically populated.
  • Create IP range locations, which allow you to assign a name to an IP range.
  • Create blueprints of your locations and place assets on them.

Pinpoint Your Asset's Location

With Lansweeper's reporting capabilities, you get a wide range of options to sort through device data and get a clear overview of all your assets. If you want a more visual representation of where your assets are physically located, you can also use Lansweeper to upload blueprints or maps of your offices and place assets on them. That way your system administrators can easily locate equipment on the work floor without having to search the entire office. That saves them a lot of time and effort.

Asset Location Tracking & Switch Port Mapping

Lansweeper also functions as a switch port discovery tool. So, if you want to know what assets are connected to the ports of a switch and where that switch is located, you can use the switch port mapper feature. You can add that information to your location map, to further visualize your company network and optimize your asset location tracking. Need more information on switch port mapping?


Most frequent questions and answers

Companies have a broad range of physical assets. This can include products and even people. However, when we talk about assets in the context of asset location tracking, we are primarily talking about IT assets or, simply put, IT devices like computers, mobile phones, printers, switches and ports. In short, anything that is connected to the company network.

Asset location can have different meanings. But when we talk about asset locations in the context of asset location tracking, we mean the location where the device or asset is physically located.

Asset location tracking is the process of tracking IT assets for the purpose of IT asset management. Asset location tracking is done using asset tracking software that can scan a network for the IP addresses of assets. Asset location tracking is therefore in essence synonymous to IP location tracking. But asset location tracking is just one feature of Lansweeper. Our software can find, recognize, and retrieve all kinds of hardware, software, and user information from your assets.

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