Visualize Your IT Asset Data with Diagrams

Extracting relevant insights from the massive hoard of information can be challenging. The Diagrams feature offers a new visual way to analyze and understand your data. Discover at a glance the relations between your assets with dynamically generated diagrams – for network topologies & virtual environments – on top of your inventory. Introducing:

Why Network Diagramming?

Thanks to the clear visual representation of your network, Diagrams help you to quickly understand the relations between your installations and the connections between assets. An easy-to-read network map is a helpful tool in various IT scenarios and projects. It is precious for troubleshooting network problems, maintenance, configuration management, performance management, coordinating updates, and creating network documentation.

Network Topology Diagrams

The Diagrams give you access to automatically generated diagram templates. The Network Topology diagram shows you the bigger picture of your installations and the relationship and dependencies between assets. The visual representation makes it easy to spot ghost assets, areas of the network that aren't correctly configured, or how issues affecting a single device impact the rest of your IT estate. The search function makes locating assets on the Diagrams easy, and filters let you manipulate what assets are shown.

Diagrams for Virtual Environments

The template for Virtual environments shows you the relations and logical grouping of virtual assets and the running status of your VMs. The automatically generated Diagrams instantly give you a visual overview of your virtual environment, sparing you the time it would take to create them by hand and removing the chance of human error. The Diagrams will automatically update themselves as your IT estate changes and grows.

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