Automated Software Deployment

Remotely make changes to scanned computers


Lansweeper introduces Software Deployment features.Create deployment packages, set conditions to check before deploying and execute commands to remotely apply changes to Windows computers in your network. Access not just a wealth of scanned computer data, but actively take control of your network!

Deploy software packages on Windows computers

Manage not just installed software, but much more

A deployment package consists of one or more steps and enables you to: execute a software rollout, silently install and uninstall software, deploy software updates, make command-line changes (e.g. registry changes) on your machines, kill processes and run custom scripts for configuration management and more. Lansweeper has a number of built-in packages for your reference when creating your own. Join our community and get access to a whole library of user- and Lansweeper-built packages, all checked and monitored by our dedicated team of admins.

Software deployment package steps

Deploy changes manually or based on a schedule

Deployments are performed in batches or executed individually, manually or based on a schedule. You can choose an interval (every X number of minutes, hours, days) or opt for a daily, weekly or monthly deployment. Optionally, a wake-on-LAN for offline computers can be performed prior to the deployment.

Deploy software based on a schedule

Perform targeted deployments

Deployments can be performed on a static or dynamic asset group, a report or a manual selection of assets. Dynamic asset groups were added in Lansweeper 5.2 and particularly useful in the context of deployments. They enable you to dynamically assign computers to asset groups based on criteria (e.g. OS or architecture); this way you can easily target machines that require a specific deployment. Custom reports provide patch management capabilities by selecting assets based on outdated software versions.

Targeted deployment based on criteria

Import, export and duplicate packages

Packages can be exported and imported through XML files. This lets you share your creations with other Lansweeper users and with the Lansweeper support team. After importing a package you can easily alter the steps to fit your particular needs.

Import, export & duplicate deployment packages

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