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5 Features of Lansweeper Cloud that Strengthen Security

4 min. read
By Lucia Dochita

Lansweeper recently introduced the Cloud version of its IT asset management platform, providing a new and enhanced way to know your IT. Lansweeper Cloud features a modern interface, data federation capabilities and API-based integrations that empower distributed multi-location organizations with centralized access to IT asset data. 

Using Lansweeper Cloud, you can sync data from multiple local Lansweeper installations to a cloud account for a global view of your organization’s IT estate. Customers who deploy Lansweeper Cloud benefit from enhanced security features to protect their IT asset data across multiple sites, including:

  • Multi-factor authorization (MFA)
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Multiple Manager SSO
  • Granular permissions and scopes
  • The ability to add multiple site owners

In this post we’ll take a closer look at each of these features in greater depth.

MFA permissions

MFA helps to increase the overall security of your Lansweeper Cloud site, enhancing data protection by adding a layer of security on top of your login credentials. Administrators who are authorized to configure site settings can set up MFA as a requirement for site access, so that if the credentials of an account are compromised, the site – and the data – remains secure and protected. 

You can implement MFA in your Lansweeper Cloud instance in two ways: Enable SSO (see below) or use the built-in MFA configuration provided by Lansweeper. Learn more on how to set up MFA in Lansweeper Cloud.


Lansweeper provides SSO capabilities so you can centrally manage accounts in your existing third-party authentication system, eliminating the need for your users to have multiple sets of credentials. 

SSO enables secure user access and the ability to add or delete accounts from a central location, which comes in handy when someone joins or leaves the company. This also makes it easier to enforce your organization’s security policies, simplifying management tasks.

Lansweeper Cloud supports OpenID Connect (OIDC) and SAML for SSO, which means you can use popular SSO solutions such as Active Directory, Google and Okta with your Lansweeper Cloud deployment. Once it’s set up, domain users will be able to access Lansweeper using their SSO credentials.

Multiple SSO Managers

Another security feature Lansweeper offers is the ability to add multiple Cloud SSO managers, which is an ideal solution when redundancy is critical. This way, you’re not dependent on a single person for managing SSO configuration. This feature removes some of the frustration of limited SSO management capabilities and further strengthens security, while ensuring users have uninterrupted access to their Lansweeper account.

Lansweeper allows for up to 10 managers, who can be named an Admin or an Owner:

  • Admins can edit SSO settings.
  • Owners can edit SSO settings, add domains, and manage other owners and admins.

Granular permissions

Lansweeper Cloud allows you to define which parts of your site users can access. Additionally, you can define asset scopes to allow specific users to access specific segments of the asset inventory based on the domain, asset type, installation or IP location. Watch this video to learn how to configure granular permissions.

Add multiple site owners to a site

By default, the creator of a Lansweeoer site is the only owner of that site. Lansweeper has added functionality to its Cloud offering to enable multiple owners to be added to a site and share the same privileges as the site’s creator. 

Having multiple owners is important for redundancy purposes – you’re not dependent on a single person to manage the site. It’s also often a security requirement for enterprise organizations in which multiple people are supporting teams and employees. 

With this feature, if an owner is fired from or leaves your company, you can easily continue to manage the site without having to collaborate with that employee or call Lansweeper Support for help. Additionally, you can more easily comply with legislation around data privacy and security.

Join Us in the Cloud

Lansweeper Cloud offers tons of benefits from distributed organizations with multiple sites who want to leverage the power of Lansweeper for technology asset intelligence and efficient technology asset management. Here are a few additional resources to learn more:


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