Your Guide to Cloud

Get started with Cloud in no time at all

Cloud Basics

Learn how your local installation interacts with Cloud and how to set up a link.
You can link your installation in just a few minutes.

Managing access in Cloud

Invite users to your site to work with your data in a collaborative way.
Control access over assets and features with the powerful permissions system.

Multiple Layers Of Account Security

Enforce strict site security through the use of SSO and MFA

Beyond Lansweeper

The story doesn’t end in Cloud. Use your data beyond Lansweeper.
Thanks to the Cloud API, you can sync your data with third-party systems.

Integrations Overview

Here are existing integrations that link either with Cloud or directly with your local install.

API Intro

Read the Cloud API manual to get started with this powerful integration resource.

API Specifications

View the types specification of the Cloud API to see the wealth of data you can query.

More resources

Lansweeper Training

Get the most out of Lansweeper with the fundamentals learning path and video tutorials.

All Cloud Articles

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Link with Cloud unsuccessful? Review our troubleshooting guide for tips on how to resolve the issue.