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For organizations that need additional scale, security, control, and support.

Scale With Confidence

The Lansweeper Pro plan is designed for organizations that need additional scale, security, control, and accelerated support.

Leverage Extended Insights

With Lansweeper Pro, you have access to additional features like vulnerability insights, lifecycle insights, and OT Discovery.

Receive Accelerated Support

Receive faster support and help every step of the way. Our support engineers are always ready to help you with questions and issues.


Scale With Confidence

The Lansweeper Pro plan is designed for organizations that need additional security, control, and support. Lansweeper Pro provides the flexibility to scale and access additional features such as Vulnerability Insights, Licefycle Insights, and OT Discovery.

Security Insights

Identify Critical Vulnerabilities & Threats

Leverage vulnerability information from the NIST catalog connected to your assets and benefit from vulnerability insights. Gain visibility of assets that have known vulnerabilities along with a severity indicator, and benefit from faster triage and incident response. 

Lifecycle Insights

Track IT Assets Throughout the Lifecycle & Optimize Costs

Find which of your hardware assets and Operating Systems will go end of life. Access lifecycle information to track the support status of products in your environment, allowing you to plan future purchases, replacements, upgrades, and assess security-related risks due to lifecycle status.

OT Discovery

Complete Visibility for Operational Technology (OT)

Lansweeper OT enables organizations to scan, detect and identify a wide range of OT devices from popular manufacturers leveraging native OT protocols. Maintain a complete and accurate OT Inventory with detailed data about each device. Avoid vulnerabilities and attacks by remediating outdated firmware versions, reducing downtime, and optimizing the cost and performance of your OT.

Customizable Diagrams

Automatically Generate Architecture Diagrams & Topologies

Visualize your assets, software, and users to see the trees through the forest. Generate network topologies, cloud architectures, AD structures, and much more.

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