Customer Success

Customer Success Offerings

For our Enterprise plan customers, Lansweeper provides you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is responsible for ensuring that you are successful and highly satisfied long-term. Our goal is to help you derive the most value possible from Lansweeper.

Success Offerings for Enterprise Plan Customers

Customer Advocacy

Putting customer needs first and working to deliver solution-based assistance by acting as a trusted advisor.

Customer Onboarding

Understand the customer's business objectives and project goals including their success criteria.

Issue Management

Monitor for new technical support issues, assist with the resolution of support escalation issues, and submit feature requests.

Business Value Review

Demonstrate our progress toward meeting the customer's goals, project requirements, product usage, and savings.

Strategic Consulting

Leverage strategic partners for additional assistance to meet the customer's business objectives and project goals.

Customer Advocacy

Customer advocacy is a strategy we employ within our Customer Success Team that prioritizes creating a positive customer experience. We start by understanding our customer’s expectations, specific business objectives, and project goals. We are committed to being strong advocates for you by showing empathy regarding your business use cases, data security, and the positive impact Lansweeper offers.

Our customer advocacy approach demonstrates our commitment to providing a great customer experience and ensuring a high satisfaction level, but we also believe that it is the best way for us to earn your trust and loyalty.

New Customer Onboarding

We provide onboarding benefits for our new Enterprise customers as the first step in their customer journey. We follow a structured onboarding process to ensure customers understand the power of our solution and can leverage it to achieve their business goals and objectives. We want you to realize the value Lansweeper has to offer quickly.

Our customer onboarding process covers key topics to help customers get started successfully. Our primary objective is to understand how we can help you use Lansweeper to the fullest, ensure that you have the proper installation and configuration, and the best strategy for long-term product usage/management, including leveraging Lansweeper Cloud.

Issue Management

One of the most valuable long-term benefits we provide to our Enterprise customers is issue management. Customer Success Managers act as the primary point of contact for any issues that need special attention, above and beyond our Pro support benefits our Support Team provides.

Your dedicated CSM not only understands your business environment but will monitor your support activity for new support requests and product adoption concerns that may arise. Our objective is to help resolve any product issues while also identifying ways that you can get more value from Lansweeper through better adoption and usage.

Business Value Review

Customer Success will demonstrate how much value you can receive and will receive in the future from using Lansweeper.

Additionally, we provide early insight into our company vision and long-term product roadmap. We want you to understand our future plans and product direction while gathering your valuable feedback to help us adjust our direction.

Strategic Consulting

Lansweeper has a network of hundreds of consulting partners worldwide who can assist you in many ways, such as with product installation and configuration, software integrations (leveraging our APIs), cloud setup, custom report development, and more.

For Enterprise customers, we will facilitate a meeting with our Concierge Partners who have packaged consulting services available.


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