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Pro Tips

2023 In Review

2 min. read
By Esben Dochy

Pro Tips #49

With the holidays being here, instead of covering a new topic, we’re looking back at what you found the most interesting Pro Tips of this year. Also, I’ll cover your responses to our yearly content survey!

The April pro tips was this year’s most successful one, covering how you manipulate when switch ports are designated as an “Uplink” and explaining how you can show every single device linked to a port, even if there are 20 devices connected to a single port.

Lansweeper & Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager

In May, I spent significant time creating a custom on-prem integration with Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager after seeing its popularity amongst our user base. During this process, I got in touch with the fine people over at Devolution, and they took it a step further and created an officially supported integration.

ChatGPT & Advanced Reporting in Cloud

With more and more people using the cloud-hosted Lansweeper interface and the sudden popularity of AI and ChatGPT. It only made sense to make this pro tip to share how I have used AI to help me create more advanced reports and how even newcomers to MongoDB can quickly start tinkering with advanced reports.

Importance of Asset Classification

In November, Jacob created his first Pro Tips based on his many years of using and implementing Lansweeper for various companies. Diving into custom fields and how to use them to create improved asset classification and utilize it in reporting.

2024 Content Survey

Over the last month, we’ve also held our 2024 content survey to improve our content. From your responses, it was clear that you prefer written and short video content delivered via email, our Lansweeper community, and in-product notifications every week at most.

Content survey summary

Overall, all of the topics we send content about were rated highly with Patch Tuesday being at the top followed by vulnerabilities. Nothing scored low enough for use to consider removing any topics.


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