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Seamlessly Integrate Vivantio ITSM with Lansweeper

Combining Lansweeper & Vivantio ITSM

Vivantio ITSM - For the IT Team that demands more.

Bring assets discovered by Lansweeper straight into your Vivantio CSM platform.

Build a comprehensive Configuration Management Database (CMDB) in Vivantio ITSM from multiple asset types around your organization. Map asset types using custom forms and fields and assess business impact with our visualization tools.

Vivantio is a leader in IT Service Management software used by IT, Customer Service, and other support teams across the organization.

Built on best practice frameworks, Vivantio helps teams to manage more workload with fewer resources which boosts productivity and improves service delivery. Our intuitive and easy-to-use solutions are simple to configure and have the power to scale across multiple service teams and enterprises.

Our integration with Lansweeper allows IT teams to create a unified platform in which assets and configuration items from across multiple sites, including remote workers, to be viewed directly within the ITSM interface in real time -- providing the service and support teams with valuable insight and data so they can provide faster and better responses. Watch the Vivantio+Lansweeper Webinar to see it in action!

Benefits include:

Consolidated Agent View:
Unify the organization's business applications into a single platform and give your teams the information they need to deliver stellar service.

Improve SLAs:
Use asset data and impact maps to automatically assess the business impact from requests. Ensuring that technicians work on problems that impact the most people first.

Predictive Analysis:
Search across asset inventory for known problems that might affect other equipment with similar hardware or software configurations. Identifying and solving problems before they occur.

Key Integration Features

  • Be confident in knowing that your asset inventory is always up to date so that you can always assess the full impact of a service or asset failing or going offline. Integrate with Service Level Management to ensure the most critical problems are solved first.
  • Access lifecycle information to track the support status of products in your environment, allowing you to plan future purchases, replacements, upgrades, and assess security-related risks due to lifecycle status.
  • Utilize Vivantio’s codeless expression builder to create bespoke asset views. Enable current, accurate data for improved MTTR, reporting and compliance.
  • Watch the Vivantio+Lansweeper Webinar to see it in action!


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Vivantio was founded on the idea that great service starts at the core of any organization. Our goal is to empower companies to achieve unparalleled service excellence through our unified platform that’s flexible and scalable.

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