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HaloPSA Integration

Pull assets discovered by Lansweeper straight into your HaloPSA platform, purpose-built for MSPs.

One-click Access to a Complete, Accurate IT Asset Inventory from within HaloPSA

Built by Halo Service Solutions, HaloPSA is an all-in-one PSA software for Service Providers that transforms how you deliver managed IT services. Following a simple setup process, the Lansweeper integration can be run on a scheduled task. This allows constant sync of the data Lansweeper picks up to be pushed straight into the asset management section of your HaloPSA platform.


Key Integration Features

  • Use HaloPSA’s asset management functionality to track your configuration items and visualize dependencies between the assets Lansweeper has synced in.
  • Pull assets discovered by Lansweeper straight into your HaloPSA platform.
  • Raise tickets on the assets discovered by Lansweeper to instantly flag problems with them.
  • Identify systemic failings with assets before they cause major incidents.


  • Minimum Lansweeper V9.0
  • Lansweeper Cloud Entitlement



HaloPSA Customer support

  • UK +44 (0)1449 833111
  • USA +1 (619) 432-0470
  • AUS +61 (0)3 8 820 5182


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