InvGate Service Desk Integration

Streamline your IT operations and manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services.

Integrate InvGate Service Desk with Lansweeper to simplify your day-to-day IT service management. The integration of Lansweeper with InvGate Service Desk allows you to centralize all your IT operations in one place, leveraging IT asset data to streamline service delivery.

Complementing Lansweeper’s Asset Management capabilities, InvGate Service Desk helps you gain higher levels of efficiency with seamless coordination between asset data and service tickets. By integrating Service Desk, you’ll achieve greater efficiency in managing IT service requests, incidents, problems, and changes.

InvGate Service Desk provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for IT staff and end-users. The seamless integration with Lansweeper enhances the ITSM experience, eliminating manual tasks and improving IT support operations’ overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

On top of strategic ITSM capabilities, InvGate Service Desk’s migration process is hassle-free. With just a few clicks, you can migrate all your data and have the basic setup up and running in just a day.

Key Integration Features

  • Automated Asset Data Import
    Automatically synchronize your Lansweeper assets and their relations with InvGate, and access all data directly from InvGate Service Desk interface.
  • Better User Experience
    Users can select assets affected by an incident when creating a ticket
  • Faster Incident Resolution
    Find the information you need quickly with comprehensive search features. Agents can easily see linked assets in each request, offering more profound insight into the resources involved.
  • Improved Change and Problem Management
    By combining Lansweeper’s IT asset data with InvGate Service Desk’s change and problem management capabilities, you’ll be able to address recurring issues proactively.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Analytics
    Generate reports and build dashboards using Lansweeper’s rich asset data.


  • Lansweeper Cloud
  • InvGate Service Desk
    • Version 7.51 or higher
    • Available for Cloud or On-prem




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