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InvGate + Lansweeper: Seamless IT Asset and Service Management for Faster Ticket Resolution

4 min. read
By Esben Dochy
Lansweeper & InvGate Integrations

Downtime is expensive for organizations – IBM’s Global Services study reports that the average cost of unplanned application outages exceed $400,000 per hour for large enterprises across industries. What’s more, one in three organizations experience unplanned downtime every month, and Dunn & Bradstreet report that 59% of Fortune 500 companies have a minimum of 1.6 hours of unplanned downtime per week. It doesn’t take a mathematician to understand that the cost of downtime adds up quickly.

Asset and service management solutions play a crucial role in preventing downtime by enabling proactive maintenance, efficient issue resolution and streamlined operations. For starters, they provide real-time visibility into the status and performance of IT assets and services. By enabling data-driven insights and predictive analytics, these solutions help organizations to identify potential issues before they escalate into major problems. Additionally, asset and service management solutions facilitate rapid incident detection and resolution by automating workflows and providing clear communication channels for IT teams. Maintenance can be planned based on asset health data, reducing the likelihood of unexpected failures.

To this end, InvGate – short for Inventory Gateway – provides state-of-the art IT asset and service management solutions that empower organizations to deliver seamless service across departments, from IT to facilities. Used across more than 60 countries, InvGate serves companies like NASA and McDonald’s as well as smaller organizations. “We make the complex simple, lowering cost of ownership and offering support across every step of an organization’s transformation journey,” said Paula Kiernan, Product Marketing Manager at InvGate.

In the beginning of 2023, InvGate received $35 million in funding, which they’re investing in globalization and expansion across the U.S. One of the ways they’re accomplishing this goal is through partnership with Lansweeper.

Complete Service and Asset Management, without Compromise

For InvGate, providing customers with an exceptional experience is a top priority. Many of their customers use Lansweeper for asset management, so instead of requiring them to use two different systems – one for assets and one for services – they decided to partner with Lansweeper to develop a seamless integration.

“Our clients who use Lansweeper need to be able to leverage our service desk ticketing capabilities together with the discovery and asset management capabilities of Lansweeper,” Kiernan said. “The integration enhances the overall customer experience and optimizes the value they get from using our solution.”

While InvGate also has its own IT asset management solution, Lansweeper customers are reluctant to make the switch. That’s important because these customers have become accustomed to the rich, detailed data that Lansweeper provides.

“Even though we’d prefer our clients use both of our products, their experience is our first priority,” Kiernan said. “We understand that enterprise companies use multiple systems, and we ensure our solution fits well with their existing tech stack,” adding that Lansweeper is widely used by organizations for IT asset discovery and management, and is growing in popularity. “With this integration, we enable our customers to access their existinbg Lansweeper data right within our service management solution, which makes investigating and resolving tickets easier and more efficient.” 

The integration is mutually beneficial – Lanseeeper customers looking for a purpose-built service management solution can leverage the integration to take advantage of InvGate’s service desk capabilities.

A Seamless Connection to Accurate Asset Data

According to Kiernan, the ease of integration is a big benefit to working with Lansweeper. “It’s a native integration, so it’s fast and easy,” she said. “Plus, Lansweeper has more features than competing solutions. They set the bar for IT discovery.”

Once the integration is live, InvGate clients don’t need to toggle between different applications to see the rich IT asset information they need to resolve tickets. Since Lansweeper data flows automatically into the InvGate platform, they can check the status of the asset, relationships to other assets – everything, all in one place.

“Lansweeper is a purpose-built solution for IT asset discovery and management, and that’s why the integration with InvGate works so well,” Kiernan said. “If our clients are already using Lansweeper and need a service desk solution, they don’t need to spend a lot of money implementing a new solution that offers both capabilities, or hiring a consultancy to learn a complex, new system. They can simply take advantage of this seamless integration, be up and running quickly, and have the best of both worlds.”


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