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Accurate Asset Data for Rapid Ticket Resolution in HaloITSM

Achieve ITSM excellence by combining Lansweeper’s best-in-class asset discovery with HaloITSM’s intuitive service desk platform. By integrating with Lansweeper, your HaloITSM Agents have immediate access to all the asset information they need to provide your end-users with the best possible service. By linking incidents to the affected asset, you not only save time, but it also allows you to notice patterns of issues (re)occurring with the same devices. Join Nicolas, Technical Alliance Partner Manager at Lansweeper, and Tom, Product Manager at HaloITSM to demonstrate the Lansweeper integration with HaloITSM. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about:
  • A high-level overview of HaloITSM
  • Data as the Foundation for Service Speed and Quality
  • Lansweeper x HaloITSM Integration Demo

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