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Lansweeper and Devicie Partner to Enable Scalable, Efficient IT Asset Management

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By Clemence Segaud
Devicie Integration Featured Image

To maximize the investment and use of your Microsoft stack, it’s essential to go cloud-native. When Lansweeper Cloud customers transition from System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to Microsoft Intune, they benefit from a more integrated, scalable, and efficient IT asset management solution, enhancing their cybersecurity. 

Microsoft Intune offers advanced mobile device and application management, while Lansweeper provides real-time IT asset data access from anywhere, eliminating the need for local server maintenance. This simplifies data management with automated updates and patches. Intune’s advanced security features and compliance tools ensure devices and data remain secure and compliant with industry regulations. Additionally, moving to a cloud-based solution like Intune reduces costs associated with maintaining on-premises infrastructure required for SCCM.

However, companies with 500-1,000 employees often face big challenges when it comes to managing their devices. These organizations usually don’t have a full IT team and need specialized security expertise to stay compliant and make the most of their systems. Many of them aren’t even aware of the compliance and usage issues left over from their old SCCM setup – and ongoing problems from SCCM to Intune migrations can make IT management difficult.

Streamlined Endpoint Management and Cybersecurity

Devicie simplifies the setup and management of Microsoft Intune by automating and optimizing the process. It enables a smooth transition to a cloud-native environment and helps organizations maximize their investments in the Microsoft stack. It builds a tailored Intune instance for continuous monitoring, maintenance, and reporting, transforming a complex task into a streamlined one. 

Users can easily enroll, test, and manage devices while ensuring compliance and performance. Devicie also implements new policies, updates settings, and provides comprehensive reports on endpoint health and organizational status – all delivered efficiently. 

By automating configurations and offering advanced reporting capabilities, Devicie ensures a smooth, cost-effective migration to cloud-based management..

Thanks to a partnership with Lansweeper, Devicie’s Endpoint Health dashboard is now available directly in the Lansweeper app. With a complete view of their IT infrastructure, organizations can more easily manage their endpoint devices and maintain high standards of cybersecurity and compliance.

Adopting Intune Presents Challenges

Many businesses struggle with moving from traditional on-premises solutions like SCCM to Intune due to differences in functionalities and lack of built-in reporting tools. Even organizations that successfully move to Intune may not fully leverage its capabilities because of labor-intensive and time-consuming setup and ongoing optimization efforts. 

Devicie addresses this critical gap by automating the configuration process and providing out-of-the-box reporting, saving many organizations millions annually:

  • Automation: Within minutes, Devicie can send all configurations to Intune, allowing customers to begin testing immediately. This automation saves significant time compared to the months or years it might take organizations to transition on their own.
  • Reporting: Devicie provides custom reports that are not available out-of-the-box with Intune. This helps organizations maintain compliance with various industry standards and benchmarks, such as CIS. 
  • Security and Compliance: Zero-touch deployment is a highly sought-after feature that Devicie brings to the table. Using Windows Autopilot, Devicie enables devices to be delivered directly to end-users, fully pre-configured and ready-to-use. 
  • Support: Devicie packages third-party applications and manages patches for both Windows and Mac systems. This all-in-one approach streamlines the IT management process and reduces the need for multiple specialized teams.

“We automate the entire setup process for Intune, including policy creation and configuration management, making it seamless for our clients. More importantly, we keep you there,” says Bruce Sa, Solution Architect of Devicie. 

Lansweeper + Devicie = Streamlined Device Management

Through integration with Devicie, Lansweeper customers get improved endpoint device management right within their Lansweeper cloud interface. Customers use the Devicie Endpoint Health dashboard to configure device settings, deploy applications, monitor compliance, and track security across their entire fleet of devices. 

The dashboard offers real-time insights and detailed reports on device status, usage, and potential issues, allowing IT teams to quickly identify and address any problems. It simplifies the management process by automating routine tasks and providing a clear overview of the organization’s device landscape (see Figures below).


Zero-touch Deployment, Zero-trust Security

The partnership between Devicie and Lansweeper delivers substantial time and cost savings for organizations transitioning to modern IT management. Not only does it facilitate a smooth transition to modern device management, it also maximizes the value of existing Microsoft licenses, eliminating the need for additional third-party tools.

Leveraging the integration, organizations can more easily meet compliance requirements and maintain robust cybersecurity standards. Importantly, they can achieve a zero-trust environment with minimal effort. 

“Our advanced reporting capabilities and compliance checks give our clients the confidence that they are meeting industry standards and protecting their data,” said Shane Harding, CEO of Devicie. “These features are particularly valuable for businesses in regulated industries, where zero-trust is not just a requirement but a critical aspect of their operations.”

Lansweeper’s integration with Devicie is just one of the many ways the Lansweeper platform streamlines asset management and strengthens cybersecurity across your infrastructure. Learn more about our available integrations here


Streamline Device Management with Devicie Endpoint Health dashboard powered by Lansweeper

Discover how Devicie and Lansweeper integrate to simplify IT management, enhance cybersecurity, and ensure compliance for organizations transitioning to Microsoft Intune.

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