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Lansweeper Integrates with Setyl to Deliver Unified Asset Management

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By Clemence Segaud
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Many organizations, especially those with distributed teams and numerous endpoint devices, face significant challenges in managing IT assets. Traditional manual methods such as spreadsheets are cumbersome and inefficient, and make it difficult to track critical information needed for compliance audits, such as asset location or lifecycle stages. 

To make matters worse, managing onboarding and offboarding processes for employees is operationally intensive, requiring precise coordination to ensure all necessary equipment and software are provisioned and reclaimed efficiently. 

Setyl, a London-based company that provides a cloud-based IT asset and license management platform, helps clients around the world address these challenges. The company focuses on providing an intuitive platform to help companies streamline asset management, meet compliance requirements, and cut wasted IT spend.

Setyl integrates with various discovery tools to streamline asset data management. Recently, the company partnered with Lansweeper, enabling customers to access Lansweeper’s complete and accurate IT asset data, right within Setyl.

A Powerful Duo for Asset Management

Setyl supports comprehensive asset management beyond network-connected devices, including peripherals, SaaS applications and licenses, and provides features for compliance and auditing, such as lifecycle tracking and activity logs. Its emphasis on ease of use and flexibility makes it accessible to companies that find larger, more traditional asset management solutions overly complex and costly for their requirements.

Lansweeper’s advanced scanning capabilities and innovative credential-free device recognition (CDR) technology work together to automatically discover and inventory all network-connected devices, including computers, servers, switches, routers and more. It captures a wide range of information about each device, such as hardware specifications, installed software and network configurations. 

Lansweeper identifies any devices without requiring administrative credentials – even those that only touch the network briefly – using network traffic analysis and other non-intrusive methods to accurately detect and classify devices. Not only does this capability simplify asset discovery, it enhances security by reducing the need for widespread access credentials. 

By integrating Lansweeper’s comprehensive asset discovery capabilities, Setyl customers can automatically import detailed asset data into the Setyl platform, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and ensuring that the information they have is always accurate and up-to-date. Benefits of the integration include:

  • Accurate and Up-to-Date Asset Information: The integration between Setyl and Lansweeper ensures that an organization’s asset data is continuously updated, providing visibility into the location, ownership and configurations of any asset. Immediate access to complete and accurate data from Lansweeper reduces the risk of data discrepancies and ensures users can make informed, data-driven decisions about their IT environment.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Automated data synchronization between Lansweeper and Setyl allows IT teams to manage assets more effectively. This includes preparing hardware and software for new employees and reclaiming assets during offboarding, significantly reducing administrative overhead.
  • Simplified Compliance and Auditing: With comprehensive asset data readily available, organizations can more easily meet compliance requirements and prepare for audits, avoiding costly fines. Setyl’s platform supports the tracking of asset lifecycles, including procurement, maintenance, and disposal, helping customers stay compliant with regulations related to asset management.
  • Comprehensive Asset Management: Beyond IT assets, Setyl enables customers to track a wide range of corporate assets – from laptops and monitors to software subscriptions and licenses, access keys, office furniture and more. By integrating with Lansweeper, customers have a unified view of their entire corporate asset inventory, all in one place.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Setyl’s platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to companies that find larger, more traditional ITAM solutions too complex and cumbersome. The integration with Lansweeper enhances this simplicity by automating asset discovery and management.

“Together, Setyl and Lansweeper offer a robust solution for IT asset management, addressing key challenges faced by so many businesses,” said Christopher Batts, CEO at Setyl. “Leveraging Lansweeper’s asset discovery capabilities, our customers benefit from accurate, up-to-date IT asset data, without any manual intervention. The combination provides greater value to our customers, saving them time and effort for a variety of IT-related activities.”

Lansweeper’s integration with Setyl is just one of the ways the platform fits seamlessly into your existing tech stack, delivering comprehensive technology asset data to your critical systems, to help you better manage your IT estate. Browse our integrations, or try Lansweeper for free today!


Lansweeper + Setyl to Deliver Unified Asset Management

Simplify compliance audits and reduce operational overhead with Lansweeper + Setyl integration

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